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Ten Ways to Stop Contributing to "Global Warming"

Our friends over at GlobalWarmingLies.com made this amazing list that we just have to share. Liberals love to talk about limiting carbon emissions. Well, here are ten great ways to stop producing so much “carbon.” 188 more words

How to hang a skateboard in 3 ways

So you’ve turned your skate deck into a veritable work of art and you wanna hang it on your wall… how do you do this? Here’s my handy guide, starting with the cheapest and quickest method to the more professional approaches. 604 more words


How to create an audio slideshow

An audio slideshow is a short movie created from a recording of a story and illustrated with still images.  The images used could be photos, map, drawings, paintings, diagrams, info graphics – any still image that might illustrate a story.   422 more words

Audio Slideshows

A Hunter's Essentials--What to Pack for Hunting Camp

As a consultant, I travel for work 50% of the time or more during a given year. During my most recent travel season, I honed my strategies to minimize the stress of constantly packing and repacking, living out of a suit case, and worst of all, reaching my destination only to realize I’d forgotten a hidden-in-plain-site essential. 1,026 more words

Bow Hunting

How to: Clean your make-up brushes

I have extremely sensitive and acne prone skin and get major break outs if I don’t wash my make-up brushes regularly. I don’t really think make-up brush “cleaners” are worth the price, especially if you have cheap brushes. 432 more words

Dish Soap

How To Create A Cleaning Schedule That Works For You

I’ve posted some similar videos in the past, but this once teaches you how to create your cleaning schedule from scratch!  Hope this helps those of you that are trying to get your home clean and organized with a schedule :)

Success through Struggle

I must say- I am so unbelievably blessed! My business is booming by the Grace of God! So much so that I am constantly in a struggle to see if I forgot something or someone. 286 more words