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Eco-Friendly Parenting Tips - Part 1

I am sure you saw that coming. After all, when two non-hip hippies reproduce, they are likely to become even more crunchy for the sake of the planet, where their offspring is going to spend her life. 1,197 more words

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Lesson 2. - How To Get Out Of Bed.

You’ll be heartbroken to know that as you get older it does not, in fact, get any easier to get out of bed. One day, when you’re seventy, you might find yourself WILLINGLY rolling out of bed at seven in the morning, but certainly not in the age of young adulthood. 503 more words


The 7 Step Wardrobe Challenge - Step 1

Get inspired and get to know yourself

The very first thing to do before starting any big project is to know where you’re going.

Ask yourselves the following questions: 504 more words

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How to Borrow from the News to Boost Your Credibility: Quotations

Here’s a tip from news articles we can use to our advantage: the liberal use of quotes from real people.

Could be experts, like doctors. 535 more words

Let Them Eat Toast

The other day I had a “Let them eat cake” moment but it was just with myself and it was more of a “Let yourself eat toast” moment. 329 more words

The Daily Read: How to be a Good Roommate

There is a point in everyone’s life where they will have to share a living space.  Whether you are in school, at home with your parents, or just moved to a new city with your best friend (or total stranger), being a good roommate is essential to your overall living experience.   896 more words

The Daily Read

Pre-College Resolutions


It’s nearly time to return to college! YAY! (Or, if you’re too cool for school: boo! Also, why are you here?)

 The return to college means many things: a fresh start in classes, the chance to make your extracurricular activities of choice way more epic than last year, the opportunity to reconnect with friends fallen to the wayside or to meet brand new friends. 891 more words