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How to Become a Pilot for Private Jets | Flying Lessons

Here’s a good rounded video on the ins and outs of becoming a pilot for private jets. Obviously this isn’t me, but I could be considered equally as handsome as the guy in the video..


How to Keep Your Seedlings Standing Tall

This time of year is a challenge for people starting seeds. It is hard to time the seedling growth with the outdoor weather. This year is especially challenging because spring seems to not have sprung in many parts of the country. 80 more words

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15 how to bind your shoes lace in Japanese-style

For some people the way how they tying their shoes is something unimportant, but what if it’s the Japanese that tying your shoes lace? They always come up with creative ideas in everything. 51 more words


The Weight Room. It's Not Just For Meat Heads.

What am I doing here? Ever been super motivated to get in shape, and then you get to the gym, and you’re like, “Well, I’m here… Now what?” It’s okay. 477 more words

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99 Problems: Project Condo Crag

At some point in your climbing life, you eventually come around to the idea that having a wall of your own might be nice idea. For me, this thought always occurs as I’m flattened at the bottom of a bouldering wall, sucking wind after attempting to pinch my way up the first problem of the Spring. 1,455 more words