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How to actually become more like Christ

On this talk show: How a Christian man can actually become more Christ-like, since the Bible calls us to be “imitators of Christ”


Sept 18 BOB podcast link


How to Apply Lateral Thinking to Your Creative Work by Shane Snow

Pretend that you’re trapped in a magical room with only two exits. Through the first exit is a room made from a giant magnifying glass, and the blazing hot sun will fry you to death. 1,009 more words

Out Of Box

How many inches in a meter ?

There are 39.3701 inches in an One meter.

So, 39.3701 inches = 1 meter.

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General Knowledge

Short video for wives: A secret to improving his sanity!

Click here to watch a 2 minute video that unlocks a key to decreasing your husband’s anxiety level


How to Live Life!

We all need dreams and goals to get us through the days and years.



This Is How It's Gonna Be

This is how it’s gonna be.

Cause I was swaying to a rhythm, dancing to a future which only existed in my heart dreams. I tricked myself. 184 more words