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who what where when and why...then HOW

Who, what where when and why are often words of procrastination; that are often used py perfectionists like myself to overdefine a problem and to put off that dangerous commitment when plunging in to seek a solution. 36 more words


Test Ireland - Local Bizz Business on localbizz.org

Days before the crucial fifth phase of Lok Sabha elections, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Shazia Ilmi has landed into a controversy because of her alleged “Muslims ought to be communal this time” remark.  14 more words

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Tips On How To Teach Yoga Students

Over the past decade, yoga has exploded in popularity. Some people use yoga as a way to stay in shape. Others use it as a method for relaxing and relieving stress. 652 more words


How do animals eat?

Q: Do animals use fork and spoon to eat their food???

A: Well, I don’t know really how do they eat, but I am pretty sure that they don’t use spoons… hahah… 56 more words


how you see this world

do you feel in all honesty its fair

do you feel that  a place

that made money off slaves

and still has a upper hand… 48 more words


Late Night Thoughts on the Wearing of Fitted T-shirts

Exceptional fatigue can make me feel fat. When I haven’t eaten for a whole day I may actually feel fine, because I know I’ve burnt some of that. 440 more words