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Baby-led Weaning

“What do you think of baby-led weaning?”

I was calmly chopping vegetables with Radhika, a friend and member of Ask Amma today when she asked me this question.   1,249 more words


Life cycle of candy corn

Washington Post, October 2014

Follow candy corn’s wild ride from Jelly Belly’s factory in Illinois until it arrives at a store in Virginia.


How to live well after 40! (podcast)

On this talk show:  A Christian doctor (Dr John Dunlop) reveals how you can live well after 40, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually!


Oct 29 Debbie podcast link


Asking yourself the right question?

The focus should not be How much money can I make?.

It should be What job, career path, or lifestyle will give me the most joy?.

How many legs does a crab have ?

A Crab has 10 legs.

There are eight walking legs and two legs is front leg.

Two front legs are called chelipeds. 11 more words

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