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I didn’t think that I would buy Will Smith as Ali…and I didn’t.

Follow the life and times of Muhammad Ali as he transforms from the fighter known as Cassius Clay into the greatest champion that has ever lived. 404 more words

HIWAY AMERICA - 5 Terrifying Things Only Truckers Know About the Highway

By J.F. Sargent,  Donec Quis,  Mallory Spline August 02,

2014 1,063,617 views Viral

 We don’t spend much time thinking about truckers, which is strange considering that everything we eat, wear, and plug into our walls was at one point entrusted to their care. 980 more words


Celebrities With Law Degrees

Lots of people have law degrees but never practice law, or they work as a lawyer for a short time and then start a new career. 617 more words


ABC's Monday Night Football Yellow Blazers

The MMQB presents NFL 95, a special project running through mid-July detailing 95 artifacts that tell the story of the NFL, as the league prepares to enter its 95th season. 179 more words

NFL 95