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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz sounds off about racism in America

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By Rana Foroohar, TIME

Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks , is well known for taking a stand on political issues, from veterans rights to overcoming political gridlock (remember those Come Together cups during the debt ceiling debacle and government shutdown?). 1,597 more words


Howard Schultz - The Coffee Guru

Starbucks Coffee Company – How one man took an idea and made a globally recognized brand. Howard Schultz heads the company that has emerged as the outspoken coffee authority.


The Willingness to Be Unpopular

I believe in always conducting business with integrity and treating everyone with respect. I’ve quoted Henry Kravis before, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. 598 more words

Lessons For CEOs

Go Inside Starbucks' Wild New 'Willy Wonka Factory of Coffee'

On Dec. 5, founder Howard Schultz debuted part of his new strategy for Starbucks: his first flagship “Roastery,” a 15,000 square foot space that is both a coffee roasting facility, and a consumer retail outlet. 211 more words

Inside Starbucks' Radical New Plan for Luxury Lattes

If there is a retail proxy for America, it must be Starbucks. The company has 12,000 stores in the US, doing 47 million transactions per week, serving 70 million unique customers. 703 more words

Tỷ phú Li Ka-Shing bày cách mua nhà, tậu xe trong 5 năm

Giả sử thu nhập hàng tháng của bạn là 2.000 NDT (khoảng 7 triệu đồng), hãy chia số tiền này làm 5 phần – chi tiêu hàng ngày, kết giao bạn bè, học tập, du lịch và đầu tư. 1,874 more words

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Hai bàn tay trắng thành tỷ phú

CEO WhatsApp – Jan Koum từng sống nhờ phiếu thực phẩm cho người nghèo, người giàu nhất châu Á – Li Ka-shing là trẻ mồ côi, còn Geogre Soros từng phải làm công việc khuân vác tại nhà ga. 1,821 more words

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