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Detective 152 - Batman vs the Goblin, Slam Bradley ends, and Pow-Wow Smith's first case

It’s definitely Vicki Vale on the cover for Detective 152 (Oct. 49), and she is even in the Batman and Robin story inside!  The scene pictured does not happen, but her photographs are central to the story. 337 more words

Detective 121 - Commissioner Gordon gets demoted

A generic Batman and Robin cover for Detective 121 (March 1947).  I guess they didn’t think Commissioner Gordon was cover-worthy.

He does get to be the centre of the story in this issue, drawn by Howard Sherman.  105 more words

Detective 118 - The Joker plays cards, Air Wave battles aliens, and Brooklyn becomes the Invisible Commando

A better cover, and a better Joker story than the one a couple issues earlier, Detective 118 (Dec. 46) does feature Howard Sherman art on the Batman and Robin story. 271 more words

Detective 62 - the Joker goes vaudeville, Air Wave vs Mr. Mystery, and Slam Bradley goes to the fair

Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson put together a tale in Detective 62 (April 1942) that likely was more fun when it came out. 266 more words

More Fun 92 - Dr. Fate vs The Clock

One of Dr. Fate’s lesser foes, the Clock, makes his second appearance, in More Fun 92 (July/Aug 1943).  Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman handle the writing and art. 67 more words

More Fun 91 - Mr. Who captures Dr. Fate

Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman bring back Mr. Who in More Fun 91 (May/June 1943), in a story set chronologically after his appearances in All-Star Squadron. 63 more words

More Fun 87 - Green Arrow fires a rocket-arrow, Dr. Fate - doctor, Aquaman meets Atlanteans and Tubby Watts gets paid to do nothing

Johnny Quick gets his second cover appearance on More Fun 87 (Jan 43).  He still doesn’t get the lead spot, and Green Arrow resumes his cover features with the next issue.  482 more words