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More Fun 68 - Dr. Fate battles a master of sound waves, Clip Carson debuts, and the Spectre fights with little green men

Dr. Fate takes the cover and the lead spot, beginning with More Fun 68 (June 1941), as Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman pit him against a mad scientist. 442 more words

More Fun 66 - The Spectre deals with magical paintings, and Dr. Fate meets the Leopard Girl

A genuinely creepy Spectre story in More Fun 66 (April 1941), by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Bailey, and for a change Bailey’s art is up to the task! 245 more words

More Fun 65 - The Spectre vs the Blue Flame, and Dr. Fate battles fish-men

Great cover to More Fun 65 (March 1941), although it does not correspond in any direct way to the story by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Bailey found in the issue itself. 324 more words

More Fun 63 - The Spectre battles a vengeful ghost, and Dr. Fate talks about his age

The Spectre takes on the ghost of a man Jim Corrigan arrested and saw executed in the Jerry Siegel/Bernard Bailey story in More Fun 63 (Jan 41). 252 more words

More Fun 62 - The Spectre battles the Ultra-Brain, Congo Bill gets paid, and Dr. Fate fights robots

Jerry Siegel and Bernard Bailey pit the Spectre against a deadly brain in a jar in More Fun 62 (Dec 40).

Professor Fenton has been working with the brain of a former pupil who died, keeping it in a jar and experimenting with it, creating an Ultra-Brain. 295 more words

More Fun 61 - Jim Corrigan is ordered to arrest the Spectre, and Dr. Fate battles space invaders

There seems to be a little bit of everything in the Spectre story in More Fun 61 (Nov 40).  Sadly, it does not all come together into one of Jerry Siegel and Bernard Bailey`s better stories. 297 more words

More Fun 60 - The Spectre vs Xnon, Congo Bill finds the lost explorer, and Dr. Fate fights tiny men and giants

The Spectre gets a really good enemy in More Fun 60 (Oct 40), written by Jerry Siegel with Bernard Bailey art.

The story begins with a train carrying a cargo of gold vanishing, and the Spectre being seen at the site, even though Jim Corrigan knows his alter-ego was not involved.  474 more words