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Agent Carter Episode Review: Time and Tide, Season 1 Episode 3

Though it’s the third episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter, it’s only the second week, and as such it has to continue on the story they’ve started. 1,630 more words


"Marvel's Agent Carter" Sn1 Ep3 "Time and Tide"

After an amazing two-hour season premiere the mini-series, “Marvel’s Agent Carter” comes back with brash aplomb. Our feisty, intelligent, and capable Peggy Carter continues her dual roles as SSR agent and secret ally of Howard Stark. 498 more words

Agent Carter 1.03: Glowing MacGuffins

There might not be a lot of substance in Peggy Carter’s second aventure working for Howard Stark and with his butler Edwin Jarvis while trying to uncover a massive LEVIATHAN consipracy, as most of “Time and Tide” is spent hunting down a literal boatload of MacGuffins (or, as Stark would call them, “bad babies”). 373 more words


Agent Carter Recap and Review, Episode 3 – ‘Time and Tide’

Legion contributor Christina Janke is recapping and reviewing Agent Carter for us this season. Follow her on Twitter @IntrotoGeek!

After a strong, action-packed premiere, “Time and Tide” slows things down a bit to put more strain on Peggy’s work and social life, as well as focus more on characterization than fights and explosions…er, implosions. 1,451 more words


REVIEW: "Agent Carter" Premiere

Yes I am aware that the third episode aired last night, however, last week I could not watch the 2-hour premiere of Agent Carter since I was staying at a hotel for my work conference. 542 more words


Agent Carter: New Pics From Tonight's Episode 'Time & Tide'

Are you ready for an all-new episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter? Tonight’s episode, ‘Time & Tide’ has Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) working on retrieving Howard Stark’s (Dominic Cooper) stolen tech. 37 more words


Now is Not the End & Bridge and Tunnel: Agent Carter Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2

Hello, and welcome to the start of my recap series for Agent Carter, season one! While I often write singular reviews of things ( 1,293 more words