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Losing Our Way

If our nation is to be changed for the better, ordinary citizens will have to intervene aggressively in their own fate. The tremendous power in the hands of the moneyed interests will not be relinquished voluntarily. 499 more words


Falluja: The BBC's Paul Wood covers up US war crimes

Falluja: The BBC’s Paul Wood covers up US war crimes
by Ian Sinclair
Morning Star
1 December 2014

“The truth”, US Historian Howard Zinn once wrote, “is so often the reverse of what has been told us by our culture that we cannot turn our heads far enough around to see it.” 1,134 more words



Waiting to pick up my granddaughter after school last week, I noticed all the other 1st graders pouring out of the building with Indian headresses made from colored paper just like the ones I made when I was in the first grade way last century. 422 more words


Kdo je John Galt?

Last month, I was in Prague. On the tram, heading back to the hotel, I saw an advertisement on a the backrest of a bench that read, “Kdo je John Galt?” Whether you read Czech or not, anyone who has read… 893 more words


Quote of the day: OPTIMISM


Consider the remarkable transformation, in just a few decades, in people’s consciousness of racism, in the bold presence of women demanding their rightful place, in a growing public awareness that gays are not curiosities but sensate human beings, in the long-term growing skepticism about military intervention despite brief surges of military madness. 298 more words

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Racism as a political tool

I am mulling over something I recently read: the assertion that racism arose in the colonial US as a tool to keep the subordinates divided and subdued (Howard Zinn, … 220 more words