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CLI Pagination OFF in cisco

This post is about How to show the output without Breaks/Pauses ( –more– ) on Cisco Targets .

Default  OP lines length is 24 lines.  Output of the  “show “ commands  display first 24 lines. 137 more words

America's PreparAthon Day!

The day is finally here – America’s PreparAthon!!!!!! Today is the official preparedness event. I hope that everyone was able to get registered in time. This is the time for you, your family, your friends, and even different organizations to learn about preparedness in your area. 163 more words


Shading Light and Form - Basics

Shading Light and Form – Basics is another great video from Proko. If you’re not already subscribed to his channel you’re missing out on some great drawing resources.


VideoPad Video Editor | Tutorial

I recently decided to get a new video editing software for my videos. I did this because Windows Live Movie Maker was a bit limited in some aspects. 92 more words


How To Reset your Mac's SMC

Sometimes, even the best up-to-date mac gets a little stuffy, like a petulant child.  Battery won’t charge, keyboard lights won’t come on, or the fans going nuts.  301 more words


Fly like a Pro Tips

Via stuff.co.nz, here are tips to help travellers fly like the pros. Excerpt:

1. When travelling with a companion, book the window and aisle seats. 133 more words