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Casual Schoolgirl

Apologies for the crappy elevator mirror shot but I just wanted to share another DIY! Want to make your own jumper skirt? Well all you need is a skater skirt, two pieces of same colored cloth or actually, you can just buy suspenders and get it over with! 188 more words


Recipe #9: Grilled Cinnamon and Nutella Sandwiches

When I was little, I gravitated towards breakfast cereals that often had cinnamon somewhere in the title. Anything with that magical spice in it would do. 176 more words


Using Google Sheets to create advanced reports, charts and analytics from your submissions

Google Apps includes Sheets, using which you can create powerful online spreadsheets. frevvo forms and flows integrate with Sheets so you can save submissions to a spreadsheet. 287 more words


Paper(work) Dreams

Finding a family to work for in France was relatively easy for me. I was surprised at how many families were looking for an au pair, especially considering how far in advance I started my search (I began looking in November of 2013 to start work in September 2014). 746 more words


Building Stamina For Running

Here are three simple tips that teach you building stamina for running.

Hill Run Training

If you really want to kick your fitness level to super, respectively hill is brutal but effective solution. 717 more words