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Christmas pretzel hugs (how to)

So we have a potluck at work tomorrow and I wanted to find something quick to make and eat, since we are hoping to be so busy we don’t know which way is up. 178 more words

A quick way to change default browser in LMDE

Just a quick note here, in part for myself (because inevitably I’ll end up needing to do this again, and that was some of the reason I started this blog to begin with), but also for the benefit of anyone else who finds this handy. 90 more words


How to Series: Most Popular Interviews of 2014

Every week we have the pleasure of highlighting some of our productivity heroes, from company CEOs to artists and writers who manage to accomplish more than any reasonable human being should. 18 more words


Guide: Turn Your Android's Wallpaper into a Christmas & New Year's Countdown Clock

Christmas is only a few days away with New Year’s right around the corner. If you’re like me, you count down the days until Christmas for family and presents like a little kid, and then count down the days until New Year’s like an adult that can’t wait to have their first cocktail. 62 more words


How to Series: The First Parking Spot You See May be the Most Efficient Spot to Take

When you’re trying to find a parking spot in packed parking lot, many of us spend a lot of time and energy to find the closest spot to the entrance as we can. 29 more words


How to Series: Clean Wool Blankets with Fresh Snow

Wool blankets are warm, comfortable, and they last forever. Cleaning them can be tough, though, if you’re trying to avoid shrinkage or other unwanted alterations. Some fresh, powdery snow can freshen up your wool blanket in no time with no worries. 7 more words


Guide: Theme Your iPhone's Home Screen with Falling Snow for the Winter

Just in time for the holiday festivities, iOS developer Tristan Kennedy has created a snowy HTML widget for your jailbroken iPhone’s home screen called SnowScreen. Simply apply the widget and you’ll have a falling snow animation layered over whatever wallpaper you already have. 60 more words