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5-Minute Super Bowl Snacks for the Win

Planning a Super Bowl party, or any football-themed party for that matter, can be fun for even the most craft-adverse host, as almost anything brown can turn into a football with just a little decoration. 68 more words


Automatically Pause Music During Spoken Maps Directions on Your iPhone

Maps is great for getting turn-by-turn directions in unfamiliar territory, but how many times does your favorite song have to be rudely interrupted by that navigation voice telling you to turn left or right? 75 more words


Google Now Adds Cards for Lots of Third-Party Apps

Of the Google services that come bundled in Android devices, none is more useful than Google Now. By combining search with timely cards that hope to guess your next move before you even make it, Google Now is everything a virtual assistant should be. 63 more words



I have found it, finally!!! ☺️

url has changed. tomyfirstboyfriend is now secretlyinherheart ☺️

thanks to my awesome persistency and clicking of buttons non-stop. Yay! I am no longer trapped or bound to post about my… 18 more words

Food Tool Friday: A Flexible Fish Spatula Can Do It All

Most people who cook end up having at least three or four different kinds of spatulas in their drawers. I personally have at least five. However, if I had to do it all over again, I would purchase only one, and that would be a flexible fish spatula. 66 more words


Phuket Thailand, worth a visit?

Thailand… a place many backpackers dream of and make a priority to visit. When I started to plan my trip to Thailand, I was lost as to where to even start. 719 more words


srijan: Build system for MSP430

I use MSP430 for small hobby projects. So, a simple makefile in the source directory would usually suffice.

However, as I migrated from legacy ‘mspgcc’ to ‘msp430-gcc’ I found myself making same/similar changes repeatedly. 317 more words