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21/11/2014 – Alphabetic-Good Lovers (2014)

Indie pop quartet’s new single is catch-fest

“Friends don’t always make good lovers” Alphabetic lead singer Walter Heale croons. He either knows this from experience, or he’s making a good stab at it. 209 more words


Eight things to learn from 'tax-dodging fugitive' Boris

Boris Johnson made the news again today, following his unwillingness to pay US taxes. But from becoming a walrus, to the pittance of £250,000, here are 8 things you could learn from Britain’s most popular politician. 618 more words


Martin Whatson @ Hoxton Gallery

Thursday 6th November and good ol’ Rhys gives me a shout and tells me there’s a street artist called Martin Whatson doing a show at a Gallery in Hoxton, he asks, 305 more words

Gaslight @ Made In The Shade | Kieran Leonard & special guest

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time to throw it back to an old post from earlier in the year. This is the 1st of many and it’s on the Gaslight Night I went to back in April this year at… 742 more words


Stitching up the Canvas Bag

In the midst of today’s Anti-Global Warming campaigns and eco-friendly initiatives there has been one consumable that has been ubiquitously present -  The Canvas Tote Bag… 403 more words

Walking Through The Invisible Door

Secret bars – I don’t know who thought having secret bars in the 21st century was necessary? To start with, its a terrible business model. But beside that, it would be so boring if no-one knew about it and you were just stuck there with your friend and the two bar tenders in a staring competition till the Bitter End. 375 more words

meanwhile, back in the uk

The New Era Estate shit is getting some attention! How people can continue to slate Russell Brand I don’t know – he was over there to amplify of course. 175 more words