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Where is tape media headed?

Post by Andrew Dodd (thank you)

The future direction of tape media

We’re more than eighteen months into the life of LTO-6 Ultrium, the newest version of the most successful tape backup and archiving format in existence. 47 more words


What is a NIC (Network Interface Card)?

A NIC (Network Interface Card) does just as its name intended, connects the computer to the network. The NIC is usually an add-on for the expansion bus of the motherboard but its low cost and high popularity has moved the NIC from an add-on card to be part of the system. 365 more words


Vine & Building Brands

About two weeks ago I read this post on Mashable: 10 Reasons to Use Vine to  Help You Build Your Brand

The points made throughout the post regarding the potential Vine has for advertisers, really validated why Vine is actually an ideal marketing tool. 272 more words


HP、暗号化によるデータ保護ソリューション「Atalla」刷新 [ #cbajp ]

日本ヒューレット・パッカード(HP)は7月28日、暗号化技術を用いて永続的なデータ保護/制御を可能にする新しい「HP Atallaソリューション」を発表した。オンプレミスだけでなく、クラウドやモバイル環境においても機密情報を保護する。HP Atallaでは35年以上に渡り、金融機関のトランザクション情報保護を中心として、強力なハードウェアベースの暗号化技術ソリューションを提供してきた。



Vulnerabilities Growing as More Devices Access Internet

According to a recent study by HP, trolling through the internet may pose a greater security risk than you might think.

The study revealed 70 % of commonly used internet devices contain vulnerabilities, including password security, encryption and a general lack of granular user access permissions. 674 more words

Business Solutions

Joke time p. 20

The singer Chubby Checker has settled a lawsuit with tech company HP after he accused them of using his trademarked name without permission on their penis-measuring app. 14 more words