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Speaker Lineup for the StartupHPC Meetup at SC14

In this special guest feature, Cydney Ewald Stevens writes that the StartupHPC Meetup at SC14 has an incredible lineup of speakers.

At roughly six weeks out from… 972 more words


Things to learn to do bioinformatics.

I know what you are thinking.  “Not another bioinformatics blog…”.  There are a lot of blogs from a wide variety of scientists today.  These range from doctoral students working towards their degrees in bioinformatics to the leaders of the field and all are fantastic resources for information and discussion.   2,398 more words


More Details on the StartupHPC Meetup at SC14

Entrepreneurs interested in high performance computing are encouraged to attend the StartupHPC Meetup at SC14, which will take place at the Royal Sonesta in the French Quarter in New Orleans on… 557 more words


Relationships between hippocampal sharp waves, ripples and fast gamma oscillation: influence of dentate and entorhinal cortical activity

Paper by Buzsaki (2011).

This paper is cited in Logothetis et al (2012):

“Hippocampal transient high-gamma episodes have already been described in rats”

“In fact, it was recently shown that fast field-potential oscillations of rat hippocampus during sleep or immobility may be split into quantitatively distinct oscillatory patterns, high-gammafrequency oscillations and ripple oscillations, reflecting the activity of distinct subnetworks” (Sullivan et al., however, claim that both fast gamma and ripples “involve the same networks and share similar mechanisms”, see below). 294 more words


How to Parallelize Deep Learning on GPUs Part 1/2: Data Parallelism

In my last blog post I showed what to look out for when you build a GPU cluster. Most importantly, you want a fast network connection between your servers and using MPI in your programming will make things much easier than to use the options available in CUDA itself. 1,379 more words

Deep Learning

Oscillations and hippocampal–prefrontal synchrony

Review by Joshua A. Gordon (2011). This paper belongs to an issue of Current Opinion in Neurobiology edited by Richard Morris. In his editorial, Morris says about this review: 464 more words


Compiling OpenMM as a 64-bit library on Windows

A problem with developing scientific software on Windows is the difficulty in installing scientific packages, which typically provide only very minimal support. To one who isn’t well-versed in CMake, cross-compilation or cygwin, it can be quite daunting. 490 more words