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A Counselor's Grief

One week ago today my peer counselor and friend, Megan, died from a terminal illness. She had, in fact, been dying the entire time I knew her; not in that generalized way we’re all dying, but specifically and acutely from a relatively rare autoimmune disease. 729 more words

The Helix and the Biowulf clusters at the NIH

I attended a very interesting lecture at the NIAID Bioinformatics Festival.  The talk was about the Helix and the Biowulf clusters at the NIH.  The speaker was Dr. 128 more words


HPC and your Business.

HPC 101 Beyond finding just the right fit for a high performance computing solution in your business, there are a lot of concepts and basic information you’ll want to know as you work with your IT specialists — whether they are in your own business or you are working with a vendor or integrati… 7 more words


China HPC Perspectives - Part 1

The last time I visited China several years ago, most of the HPC work was centered in the realm of scientific data processing. In November 2010, the… 587 more words


HPC Wales builds up business in EU

Operators of a Welsh Supercomputer are aiming to build up more business clients across Europe.

The computer, run by HPC Wales, has the capacity to handle and analyse data at high speed to support a range of publicly-funded researches and private commercial companies. 215 more words


Shared Storage in the Cloud

Good post by Jeffrey Layton (thank you)

Technical computing and HPC workloads are moving to the cloud at an ever-increasing pace. The ability to spin up a compute instance quickly and pay only for what you use is a very attractive option. 27 more words