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Launching abaqus on an HPC cluster

What is actually needed is to set mp_host_list parameter for abaqus, which needs to be set in an abaqus_v6.env file. However, on a SLURM managed job it is not possible to set this statically. 440 more words


High-Performance Computing | Columbia University Department of Systems Biology


In 2013 a new cluster with 6,336 CPU-cores and 73,728 CUDA-cores (GPU) will replace the current Titan system. The new system will have a maximum performance of 212 TFlops, almost 9 times the performance of the current system. 15 more words


StartupHPC Announces Meetup Agenda for SC14 in New Orleans

The newly formed StartupHPC community has posted the agenda for their first-ever Meetup at SC14. The event takes place Nov. 17 in New Orleans.  They invite you to meet like minded people, listen to industry notables, and kick off StartupHPC as a support community. 108 more words


RTD 2014 Conference - Further Faster

A benefit that I thoroughly enjoy from being the CIO at Missouri University of Science and Technology is the opportunity to promote, support and participate in research activities. 415 more words


Quantum Physics : A new era for computing

What is a quantum computer?

While everyday life doesn’t show us much quantum effects, quantum physics rule every particle at the atomic level. Quantum physics and particularly the superposition principle, allow particles to be in different places at the same time until a signal interferes with them. 521 more words

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A Coprocessor Sharing-Aware Scheduler for Xeon Phi-Based Compute Clusters

In Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, 2014 IEEE 28th International

We propose a cluster scheduling technique for compute clusters with Xeon Phi coprocessors. Even though the Xeon Phi runs Linux which allows multiprocessing, cluster schedulers generally do not allow jobs to share coprocessors because sharing can cause oversubscription of coprocessor memory and thread resources. 242 more words


A supercomputing mind that powers smart cities has been my dream for a very long time. Instead of a corporate handling the services and computational resources of a sustainable city, my wish has been that skilled developers get involved in building a model for smarter cities, not necessarily without the help from corporate giants. 606 more words