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How to Know When a Policy is Illogical

Jacque Vilet, President of Vilet International, has a great post up on Compensation Cafe recounting a famous research experiment dealing with Rhesus monkeys.

I won’t go into details (Vilet does an incredible job of that herself… 459 more words


Testimonials endorsing RCI Success Services


These are just some of the testimonials collected since RCI Success’ launch in September 2013. Melissa Hume is very happy and enriched by the response her clients have had to our services. 53 more words

Employee Handbook?

Today I feel the need to write concerning Small Business Owners and Managers. If you are an HR Professional, this can still be helpful to understand. 588 more words

Treps on Education

It’s mostly a formality. Treps don’t put a lot of stock in education. They only put out the big bucks for experience. What you’ve learned in a classroom is nothing compared to what you will learn in the School of Hard Knocks. 467 more words


Functions of Human Resource Management

By Gaynor Borade

Think human resources, and what comes to mind is the tough-as-nails Catbert, a character from the phenomenally successful comic strip, Dilbert. He’s someone who “enjoys crushing the spirit of the company’s employees”, as the evil director of HR. 872 more words

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