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Performance: Can It Actually be measured?

Qualitative aspects of any subject are always difficult to measure because qualitative aspects are based on the judgments. These judgments may be right but there’s also a high chance that it might be wrong. 547 more words

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Roles of Human Resource (HR) Professionals

In my graduate program, when I studied Human Resource Management (HRM) as a course, I was not very anxious about it. I did not liked to study that course and may be that was the reason why I passed HRM Exam in second attempt that too scoring ‘B’ grade compared to my grades in other subjects like Accountancy, Financial Management, Statistics, etc. 910 more words

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ATS, what is it good for? Absolutely Somethin'!? 2014 BuyerView Report

Knocking it out of the park, Erin Osterhaus and the crew over at Software Advice have released their 2014 Applicant Tracking System Buyer Trends Report and it is absolutely packed with data! 85 more words

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Consult Di Worrall for business transformation service

Di Worrall is an experienced and an expert Strategic HR professional, who has over 20 years’ experience in various programs of business strategy, organizational change, business transformation and strategic human resources among others. 162 more words

Majority of Americans still working to reach desired salary levels

As any HR professional who has worked in payroll processing surely knows, people tend to be fairly particular about their paychecks. They expect to be paid in full, every single cycle, without even the slightest hiccup – and if anything is wrong, they’re sure to complain. 452 more words

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