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The random collision of people and places

In a blinding moment of utter selflessness, I’ve committed the rest of my professional life to building bridges. Not the big iron ones between land masses that requires me to face my fear of vertigo but the ones riding on the back of a slow-burning realisation in society that the next defining shift for work is the promotion of collaboration as a key differentiator. 977 more words

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Exceptionally well put, exceptionally good intent, exceptionally good take on the world in person too....

branding, HR, and the customer experience

Want to build your company’s brand? Give a close look at your HR department.

That’s not how we typically approach it, is it? There are a ton of articles on branding, but far too many that discuss it as though it’s a separate activity, as though it’s a shiny bit of chrome that gets bolted on to make the company look nice. 528 more words


Petal to the Metal Pink- VS Eyeshadow

When I saw that Victoria’s Secret was having a sale for 30% off all makeup, I was pretty jazzed. Not only does VS sell pretty necessities, they also have a respectable makeup section that I enjoy browsing every time I’m at the mall. 592 more words


7 Reasons Why You Should Set Goals For Your Employees

Measuring performance is a key part of looking after your team and being able to provide them with the best opportunities for development. Many workers will appear to be very busy, but this does not necessarily mean they are high-performing. 266 more words

The Talent War - 63% of CEO said availability of skills was a serious concern (PWC)

Megatrends are redrawing the skills map for global businesses; the supply of talent is shifting at a time when demand is increasing. This is exacerbating a familiar worry for CEOs; 63% said availability of skills was a serious concern, an increase of 5% on 2013. 615 more words