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Shari‘a Law Is Threatening LGBT Rights Across Muslim-Majority Southeast Asia

Growing religious conservatism is threatening LGTB rights in Muslim-majority nations across Southeast Asia, say activists, with a new report claiming serious abuses against Malaysia’s transgender community. 669 more words

Chinese firms exporting tools of torture, says Amnesty

A growing number of Chinese companies are exporting “tools of torture” such as electric shock batons and spiked metal batons, Amnesty International says in a report. 408 more words

RWANDA/BURUNDI: Rotting bodies with bound limbs or stuffed in sacks,...

Some of dead bodies carried down by Akagera river into lake Rweru. Geographical situation hints that these bodies came undoubtedly from RWANDA. This takes place months after Human Rights Watch and the US State Department reported thousands of missing persons in Rwanda.  672 more words


Saudi Arabia: No Women on Asian Games Team

Olympic Committee Says Women to Compete in 2016 Olympics

Saudi Arabia’s failure to include women on its team to compete in the Asian Games in South Korea in September 2014 is a backward step for women’s participation in sport. 937 more words

Cadavres du lac Rweru: la présidence burundaise répond à HRW

L’organisation de défense des droits de l’homme Human Rights Watch (HRW) avait appelé, mardi 16 septembre, les gouvernements rwandais et burundais à enquêter après la découverte de plusieurs corps sur les rives du lac Rweru, à la frontière entre les deux pays. 359 more words


Thailand: Thousands of Migrant Children Detained

Thailand holds thousands of migrant children in detention each year, causing them physical and emotional harm, Human Rights Watch said in a report released in early September. 534 more words