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112314 FRI

11/21 FRI

1. OTM x 5 of: 3-position snatch (floor, hang, high hang) (target range 75-80%) of 1 RM Snatch

* Trying to increase the load a bit from 10/31 but don’t sacrifice form… 79 more words


Friday 21 November - For time - Row 750m, 5x Rope Climb, 30x HSPU, Run 1km

WOD must start with the Row and finish with the Run, however Rope Climbs and HSPU can be broken up and done in any order.

Strength – Floor Press


Cleans-HSPU/High Hang Cleans-Jerk-Split Jerk

Notice, bar stays high on the quad and shoulders stay back.  Do not bring the bar down to knees.

Thursday November 20, 2014

30-20-10 Power Cleans 115/80/65… 106 more words


Tuesday 11/19/14

Performance (New Block Starts)


Split Jerk technique
Tall jerks/Jerk Balance
Clean and jerk 95 lbs x 10 (5 sec hold at split position)

Gymnastics… 433 more words


KB Press-Box Jumps-DUs/Handstand Work/Happy BDay Lori and Jes W

Tuesday November 18, 2014

!!!Happy Birthday Lori!!!
!!!Happy Birthday Jes W!!!

5 Rounds
10 Double KB Push Press 70/53/35
10 Box Jumps 24/20/16
Each Round descending DUs… 204 more words


WOD 17/11/14

3x 30su 10 squats 7 swings
2x 5 pistols each leg

Clean + Jerk
5 clean deadlift
5 clean high pull
5 front squat… 73 more words

Workout Of The Day /WOD/

Monday 17/11/14


3 x 20 Speed back squat @ light weight
*2-3 minute rest between sets

5 x 3 Behind the neck jerks off the racks… 15 more words