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Some Days Are Diamond

… some days are stone. Some times the hard times won’t leave me alone.
Some times the cold winds blow a chill in my bones. 430 more words


Hey Guys,
I hope all is well with you, I can’t complain I’ve just been busy with finals and assignment submissions.
   Finally I got time to make a post. 40 more words

Fashion And Style

Happy Birthday HST

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s a damned shame that a field as potentially dynamic and vital as journalism should be overrun with dullards, bums, and hacks, hag-ridden with myopia, apathy, and complacence, and generally stuck in a bog of stagnant mediocrity.”


Happy Birthday Hunter

“Maybe there is no Heaven. Or maybe this is all pure gibberish—a product of the demented imagination of a lazy drunken hillbilly with a heart full of hate who has found a way to live out where the real winds blow—to sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whisky, and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind except falling in love and not getting arrested”

Adrian Hoffmann hetzte mit linksradikalen Berichten in der HST

Das bekannte Newsportal http://www.kybeline.com berichtet ausführlich über den ehemaligen Heilbronner Stimme Redakteur Adrian Hoffmann. In dem Bericht auf http://www.kybeline.com wird detailiert dargelegt, wie in der Berichterstattung der Heilbronner Stimme linksradikale Thesen unter den Augen des Verlegers Tilmann Distelbarth verbreitet wurden. 49 more words

Happy birthday Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Thank you for your words of wisdom and inspirational approach to journalism. Tonight I will raise a glass in your honour.


Sampler Quilt: Broken Herringbone Block Tutorial

Go over and check out Spoonflower’s blog today, as the 2nd block tutorial for my sample quilt has been posted. It covers methods for Half Square Triangles and pressing seam tips.

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