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Tonight, I told myself when I came into my apartment, I had to dedicate an hour to coding and I did. I figured out why my styles were not applying to the gallery section. 143 more words


Coding Standards

After doing some reading on coding standards for my Content Management Systems class I’ve compiled the following listing to sum up a few of the coding standards that WordPress uses; specifically those for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  1,459 more words


Color Palette-on!

First of all, I’m and image person. I like colors, especially clean, complementary ones. That’s probably because I’ve studied and created art my whole life. When considering online design, color is primary to me. 114 more words


"Hello World!" - Classic..right?

So this blog is to record and share my journey into the big ol’ world of technology. I’m pretty tech savvy (as in I grew up on aim and have a smart phone, ha!), but as a part of my wonderful and exciting new job, I’ve been tasked with putting together a 12 week workshop to introduce high school girls into web design and development. 273 more words


Domain/Online tools toolbox of tools.

Ever needed a quick DNS lookup, a trace or traversal, an IP lookup and scan, WOL packets, default password lookups, ping…well have I got the site for you. 38 more words


HTML exercise - part 2

Do everything from the first exercise (below), and after that, also do the following:

- Create a div tag that changes the background color of only part of your html document. 37 more words


The beginner’s guide to PHP – Part 2 (Our First Program)

In Part 1, we looked at installing PHP. So if you haven’t installed PHP yet, go back there. If you have installed, we’re ready to start coding! 1,707 more words