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New Adventures in Blackboard Learn

When the job hunt gets stuffy, I like to work on my professional skills and sharpen old tools. I’ve been working with Blackboard Learn for several years now, but I’ve never taken a stab at actually building out a course. 209 more words

Blackboard Learn

New terms from treehouse – AJAX Basics Part 2 - jQuery and AJAX and AJAX and APIs

jQuery is great in that it makes me feel less terrible about my JS skills. It also makes working with AJAX extremely simple and quick. Many people exclusively use it for their AJAXin’. 2,602 more words

How To Hack A Low Security Website Using Basic HTML

If you have basic HTML and JavaScript knowledge, you may be able to access password protected websites. This article will give you an easy method to hack simple, less-secured websites of your choice simply through HTML. 176 more words


Lessons in Navigation

I decided that, having the bare bones of my website up and running, I should work from the top down fine-tuning it, so yesterday I started to work on the navigation bar. 516 more words


Use JQuery to automatically update edited data on other parts of a form

If you have a form that has multiple tabs, or other display sections, you might have a need to display data that is entered on one part of the form on other parts. 497 more words