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900dpi: Build Websites With HTML, CSS, Dropbox and Nothing Else

Sometimes, you just want to build websites quickly. You want to skip the server and database configurations, but at the same time, you want the code to be your own.  23 more words

Search Engine Project

I created an NHL based search engine that would return results based off of a query. I used web crawling to collect thousands of NHL based articles and stored to be retrieved by my search engine. 571 more words


April Fools Website

Here is a small website I made for Zicom for their April Fool’s Prank

Click and Sniff technology


4/23/14- Maria Lacey

1. The style tags is important, because it jazzes up the HTML document.

2. It tells the browser to design.

3. An attribute is the style, it tells how to do color, size, font, and margins.

4. <style=text/css>

4/23/14 Sarah Plummer

1. The style tag adds style to your website. It jazzes it up.

2. It tells the browser to design.

3. The whole actual style. Tells your coding to be a certain thing. 11 more words


Kutipan tweet ust @yusuf_mansur

1.Skrng hr ahad, 20 Jumadil Akhir, 1435. Bbrp hr lg mnj Rajab. Hbs Rajab? Sya’ban? Ramadhan… Sungguh, sdh trcium wanginya. 715 more words