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Learn Coding In A Fun Way

If you want to try your hand at learning a little coding. Then head on over to Code Academy. You setup a free account and pick from numerous coding languages such as Ruby, HTML, Java, etc… They really require no previous knowledge to get started. 106 more words


JQuery/HTML: Handling events for elements created after initial page load.

My regular readers already know that I add a lot of stuff to my pages programmatically using PHP. Naturally much of this code is added after the initial page load. 277 more words

Web Programming

New Requirement ! - ASP.Net / C# Developer, Web Developer - South Yorkshire, Contract

Skills: ASP.Net / C# Developer, Web Developer. My client based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire are looking for a ASP.Net / C# Developer for a short term contract of 2 to 5 days work. 92 more words


Day 6 @MakerSquare: Getting sassy with layouts

Sass is a CSS extension language that helps users write style sheets.. It adds features such as variables, mixins and nesting to help you style with ease. 163 more words


Create a triangle with CSS


  width: 0;
  height: 0;
  border-left: 130px solid transparent;
  border-right: 130px solid transparent;
  border-bottom: 15px solid white;


<div class="triangle"></div>

show hide div on scroll down

<div class=”default” id=”nav” style=”display: block;”>currently this is block, in action of scroll it is hide.</div>
<div style=”display: none;” class=”navfixed”>in action of scroll this come visible.</div> 46 more words

Css Hack