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Let's Give it Try on "Progate" to learn Programing!

Good thing about the “Progate” are:

  1. Super easy to register the account
  2. (Only e-mail, and password to create: no junk mails)

  3. Well Organized the topics in each lessons…
  4. 168 more words

Nightcap - Sept 17

Startups and privacy are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


Building Websites

HTML stands for “Hypertext Markup Language” which is the standard language used for developing web pages.  Tim Berners-Lee was the man who proposed to use HTML as the primary language for creating a web site.   157 more words


How To Create HTML Textarea That Is Easy to Edit

Easy to edit textarea: just move the mouse cursor over it to edit text and then move it out to save the text: “look Ma, no buttons needed! 102 more words


Creating my first ever website

So we’re over half way through September and the time has finally come…. I’ve started working on creating my first ever website. To be quite honest, I never really saw myself creating anything that would ever be seen publicly, given that I only truly started taking my course with Treehouse some 7 weeks ago. 449 more words

Playing around with Codepen

As I’ve begun to now experiment with different ways in which to learn with HTML and CSS I’ve found that applying concepts and theories learnt within Codepen invaluable. 274 more words

Using Filters in AngularJS

As mentioned in the previous post, we use ng-repeat directive to iterate through a set of values. There may be certain scenarios in which we might need to pre-process the data below updating or displaying it on the page. 114 more words

Angular Js