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Day 4 and 5: Frameworks, Grids.

Really been getting into the nitty gritty details of CSS now. Learning about using responsive design and exactly how grids work. There’s the 960 grid which works well because it’s divisible by a lot of numbers. 60 more words


Comments and Code Organization for HTML5

Comments are a wonderful thing in web development.  They can leave little messages that don’t display anywhere but the source code for people to find, they can help independent developers who work together by having each person make a note of what they did and what they intend to do, and they can just simply label sections; the possibilities for comments are nearly endless.   489 more words

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Code Commenting: Just How Important is it?

This week I have decided to discuss one thing I have found to be extremely useful while coding: comments. In the past, I have been made fun of for what my peers call “excessive commenting.” While the amount of comments in my work may easily be considered “excessive”, I am never the coder scrambling to find a certain piece of code when something goes wrong. 284 more words


HTML Coding vs Web Editors

There are many sites out now that will help users build a site without having to know any html coding. They make creating a website for small business or personal interest easy to publish and not time consuming. 250 more words


A Quick Way to Encrypt Your Email Address Against Spam Bots

If you use a simple “mailto:” on your public website, you really need to encrypt that email address somehow. Spam bots trawl the net, grabbing these email addresses and spamming the hell out of them. 57 more words


Rendering Fractals With Just HTML and CSS

What’s better than spending hours and hours with CSS

trying to get images and text to center properly? Not , but he did notice that… 169 more words

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