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How about a NoSQL database for your front-end?!

In my working on various front-end systems over the years, one thing that I have continually found painful is trying to manage data. Shoving it in some random location, calling the server relentlessly, keeping state where I need not, storing it in DOM — gross. 1,444 more words



This example shows a nice way to display a full image with a title at the bottom and a description hidden until the user hovers over the picture. 277 more words



You may notice menus made up of images without any text is becoming more popular these days. Personally, I am a big fan of this type of menu but one big problem is raised when they are implemented… how does the user know what they are clicking on? 130 more words


HTML5 <video> and <audio> - supported formats and browser compatibility

With HTML5 video and audio tags are here and ready for use to easily enhance your websites with audio and video. The tags are available in all major browsers now, except for Opera Mini ( 199 more words

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Thinking about game engines

When it comes to game development and in particular game development in HTML5, the question of whether or not to use a game engine is one of the first decisions to make. 336 more words


Who wants 'cloud-native' business process?

No, not link-baiting on the perils of putting your important business process into the cloud but actually a question. For a couple of years (at least) it has been clear that ‘modern’ applications are being built with the set of technologies loosely termed ‘HTML5′. 389 more words

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