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micro PC Gigabyte

Pour une utilisation privée ou professionnelle, ce micro PC est complètement personnalisable:

RAM, taille du SSD et choix du processeur.

idéal pour  un gain de place, discret, avec la puissance d’un grand ! 13 more words

Digital Signage

A home server?!

So while I do have my “performance” server running, thoughts on that another time, storage on my main PC has once again started to become a problem. 687 more words


Intel Haswell Pentium -- for HTPC

How much CPU do you need for HTPC on MythTV?  Not much.  In fact, an i3 appears to be a massive overkill.  A Pentium (base model) is plenty for running high quality de-interlacing and scaling algorithms available.  69 more words

Roll Your Own Media Server + Online Streaming

Cable sucks most everywhere you live, but especially so when you’re in Thailand. I’ve been working at perfecting the “roll your own” approach to entertainment for just about a decade now and have finally found a process/system that works. 1,318 more words