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Amanda Lollar's attorney Dean Rocco says it'll cost $144,000 to respond to my short appeal, Bat World Sanctuary.

Dean Rocco an attorney at Wilson, Elser estimates that he will spend 275 hours appealing a restraining order for his client Amanda Lollar. Even though in court just a month ago he said his hourly wage was $350/hr, he is now saying his hourly rate is $525/hr. 489 more words

Amanda Lollar

Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary posts when files motions, not when she loses them.

Amanda Lollar filed a motion for contempt against me. Amanda Lollar said I’d soon be in jail. She posted photoshop images of my head on a prison inmate body saying I’m going to jail. 1,143 more words

Amanda Lollar

The Weekend Box Club Review and Promo Code


Last week we received a Weekend box to review and have had great fun with it! The Weekend Box Club where a box of activities is sent to you fortnightly for something to do over the weekend.  490 more words


Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox has arrived! What a beautiful time of year; full of hope, wonder, creativity, and excitement. It is the season to jump up, stretch your limbs, be active, get your blood flowing, and blossom! 189 more words


Feeling St Patricks Day...and other reasons to cook a "destination meal".

Hubby and I are not well to do in any sense of the word. Like many Americans, we simply “get by.” Sometimes by the thin ice we most certainly skate. 411 more words


Perspective and Memory: Space and a Sense of Place

Perspective and Memory is a series of blog posts examining the complicated relationships between man and machine, and the philosophy humans bring (or should be bringing) to technology.   946 more words


New Home, New Life?

We’ve recently moved from New York to Massachusetts.

Lots of fun exploring the area and making new friends, right?!

WRONG again!

Between all the new doctors’ transfers, switching insurance, change of address, new DMV id card, I’m too exhausted to think of taking her to the park. 141 more words