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Hanging In Hua Hin With Friends by Jerome

Today we were taken into Hu Hin by the owners…..who are seemingly obsessed with going to the bakery and Dunkin Donuts…as that is all they talk about…..fatties!  506 more words



This is such an amazing feeling to wake up every morning and the only thing that you wait on is wind. We had a little bit of wind this week and I was soooo unlucky that the best day of riding I’ve had sicne I’m here my SD card in a camera suddenly broke and I can not restore data… That’s so sad. 303 more words


Sally's Search For Food

In our family we are renown for being ‘foodies’, there’s nothing we like more than going to the shops, loading up on treats and retreating back home for a gorge-athon. 589 more words


The Ultimate Dare... A Bungee Jump By Humphrey

 Well you can guess who’s bright idea this was can’t you…yes you’ve guessed it…Sidney’s…and yes you’ve guessed right he was the only one who didn’t have to do one either. 544 more words


To Tan or Not to Tan......This Seems to be the Question

On arrival, our back packs were laden down with sun cream and despite the smirks of family and friends over how much we were taking and resounding comments of “you… 228 more words


Pool Time by Sidney

Yippeeeeeee it’s time for our first outing to the swimming pool….we can’t wait and Humphrey has plastered us all over with sun cream to protect our delicate skins and we’ve grabbed ourselves some towels…… 124 more words


Playing In The Garden by Jerome

Today the owners have gone off to the pool…….so we have been left to our own devices……..pretty irresponsible of them really….considering we are minors!  Anyway after unpicking the lock to the door – one of Sidney’s many talents as an escapologist – we have ventured out into the garden. 277 more words