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Am I Nuts or Am I Onto Something Here?

T-13 days.  13 days.  I had to repeat that because this is surreal.  I have butterflies as I type this post.  In 13 days I will wake up on the morning of Wednesday, October 29th, shower, get dressed, call a cab, grab my backpack , strategically packed suitcase (I’m used to packing like a Princess, but will be packing like a pauper so I can easily get around), my DSLR camera (first one ever – I bought a refurbished Canon T3), and my most prized possession – my passport.  641 more words


Let's all drink a bucket... or two to new experiences!

Now I don’t want my thoughts to sound utterly ridiculous, I’m enjoying every moment here in Thailand… even if some of those moments take some time to enjoy. 670 more words


Sunday in Hua Hin

The whole neighborhood
feels like Sunday.

Shops open late.
Heat sparkles on pavement.

People in their front yards
in bathrobes, watering flowers.

Butterflies lazy,
chickens bathing in dirt. 25 more words


Let the good times roll ...

I have had the most incredible last two weeks here in Bangkok.

The training by the very cheeky Master Toddy is amazing.  It took about a week for me to get into it and I won’t lie, I have my lazy days.   242 more words

At Hua Hin

At Hua Hin it’s dead jellyfish,
tattoos of looping script,
warm sea water,
a pig spinning on a spit.

Powdered sand stuck to my skin. 60 more words


Suddenly Feeling Like Teachers

Today marks the end of week four of my yoga teacher training. The last 20 days have been full of meditating, breathing, practicing, learning (teaching methods, anatomy, history, philosophy, Sanskrit, pre-natal yoga, business of yoga, and more!), self-discovering, and teaching. 179 more words