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Earthen vessels

A rainbow of people,
speaking many languages,
with a multitude of accents,
filled the car on the
uptown 1 Train
as we returned after viewing… 70 more words

New York

Wait - Barack Obama IS Like LBJ After All!

As America celebrates the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act, the hot parlor game is to compare ‘n’ contrast Lyndon Baines Johnson’s style of presidenting with Barack Obama’s, largely to the latter’s detriment. 387 more words

Today's Quote: The Right To Be Heard -Hubert Humphrey

“The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.” Hubert Humphrey #Quote


"Dignity Is A Constitutional Principle": Institutionalized Humiliation And The Constitutional Requirements Of Equal Protection

With gay marriage litigation moving forward at warp speed — federal judges have struck down five state bans on same-sex marriage since December — we may soon witness one of the worst shouting matches in Supreme Court history. 943 more words


Cheering 50th Anniversary of Wilderness Act

Cheering 50th Anniversary of Wilderness Act
By Michael Frome

Early in my career, when I was writing travel articles for various magazines and newspapers, I found myself reading the travel section of… 1,217 more words


Hubert Humphrey's Ode to Americanism: Greek to Today's Tea-baggers

.On November 3, 1977, Hubert Humphrey, the former Vice President who lost the presidency to Richard Nixon, was dying of cancer. Within two months, his mortal soul would vanish from the earth. 380 more words


The Future of Health Services for the Poor (1968)

Association of Schools of Public Health

The Future of Health Services for the Poor
Author(s): Hubert H. Humphrey
Source: Public Health Reports (1896-1970), Vol. 83, No. 5,231 more words

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