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The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Tall Women: Jeans

Every tall woman knows finding a pair of jeans that are long enough is like finding a needle in a haystack!! I currently work for a denim company and have learned a few tricks of the trade that I thought would be great to share with you all! 332 more words

Hudson Weight Loss Professionals on How to Achieve a Bikini-Ready Body

“When you get home, do some house chores as well. Not only will your house be spotless, you’ll burn extra calories in the process, too. 78 more words

Private Hudson and Xenomorph Alien 2-pack is shipping this week from NECA!

Exclusive Aliens Figures – in Stores Soon!

This special edition 2-pack features an all-new version of Hudson, sporting a brand new aggressive combat headsculpt, helmet, and headset along with pulse rifle, motion detector, shoulder lamp, welding torch and more. 51 more words

Vintage Bowie

In 2003 Vogue UK did a photo-shoot by Nick Knight with Kate Moss styled in David Bowie’s old stage clothes. Red platform boots from the 1973 ‘Aladdin Sane’ tour. 42 more words


Poker and Puppies

A few weeks ago at an engagement party for two of my good friends who currently live in Laos I had an idea for my first blog. 800 more words