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Interaction of color - Alden Paguada

In this picture inspired by henry monroe demonstrates a good example of color contrast. We see that red and yellow stand out against purple and light green, and light blue. 226 more words


Interaction of Color- Stephanie Jones

Punching Holes in the Rah Rah by Steve Banks shows a good combination of complimentary colors. The graffiti is a red hue that stands out against its complementary color blue, which is the background. 167 more words


Mainly food...

So recently I seem to be easing into this whole thing a little bit more. For the first time in my life, I have been called organised and efficient, how weird is that? 146 more words

Interaction of Color – Ashley Davis

The poster design is a good use of various colors to portray the blocks on the page. Each color either helps intensify or dim the colors around it, depending on which color it borders. 300 more words

Composition & Design Entry #4: Interaction Of Color

First Post

This is the first GreenBlue post for lovers of green-blue!

Top 5 Reasons to Love Green Blue:


Exercise: Managing Colour

The exercises underpinning Assignment Three (Monochrome) of the Open College of the Arts Digital Photographic Practice module are concerned mainly with digital image processing.  Two of the exercises are part of subproject dealing with the optimisation of tone and colour.   184 more words

Digital Photographic Practice