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You are being tracked in the real world, so what should we do about it?

We’re pretty accepting that every digital click we make and our phone’s location is constantly available. Some of us even are okay with devices tracking our motion in our homes or tweeting out weight. 448 more words

Internet Of Things

Jump into the world of LED light bulbs for less than $5 a pop with Ikea Ledare

At this point it’s extremely clear that LED bulbs should be in every light fixture in your house. They last longer (tens of thousands of hours) and use less power (up to 85%) than their incandescent counterparts. 216 more words


And Then We Bought Motorbikes

It's kind of a thing in Vietnam to buy a motorbike, ride it North to South (or vice versa, depending on your route), and sell it at your last stop in the country. 959 more words