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Gaining The Royal Confidence

In honor of Halloween, I thought I talk about this article I came across from the Huffington Post. It reminded me of the Halloween costume I’ve been creating and how self aware I am with the costumes in stores and the… 306 more words


For Poundcake, the Name Says it All

What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to poundcake, the name contains the recipe. A post from the Huffington Post earlier this week explained the history behind the name of the classic dessert. 475 more words


Eye Spy: The Deception of Reading Facial Competence

Unfortunately, in today’s digital age we are faced with an overwhelming amount of information. Phones buzzing. Email alerts. Headline news. Texts. Tweets. As human-beings we endure an unfathomable amount of information and it continually increases. 550 more words

Was Jesus a Community Organizer?

Jesus is the light of the World

JESUS only wanted to inform us about his father in heaven and the requirements to get to heaven. How do you know what’s good or bad when you continue to accept mediocre?  47 more words

Kim Jong Un(popular)

Welcome back, Kim Jong Un! Not like we all assumed you were hiding with your bad health or anything, but it definitely seems like you’re trying to compensate for something now. 50 more words

Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Bianca Rothschild wrote an article for the Huffington Post recently outlining some great tips to improve your social media strategy. My interpretation of them is below. 344 more words


True Love Does Exist


Older Man Who Eats Alone Goes Viral. When You Take a Close Look at What’s on the Table, You’ll See Why

This is such a touching story of love. 349 more words