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Wake up!

Within the past year I have become involved with learning about human trafficking. I have been moved to learn more and somehow get involved either before I finish school or during…so when I came across this article by Huffpost Women, I wanted to share…this is an ugly problem society often ignores…it’s time we wake up. 12 more words


The Aquabats! celebrate their 20th anniversary at Comic-Con as they ponder the group's next move

First the good news … The Aquabats are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band this year. And thanks to their Emmy Award-winning television series, … 1,336 more words

Bobby Caples

Health Insurers Set To Give Out More Obamacare Refunds

WASHINGTON — An obscure Obamacare feature may net health insurance customers $332 million this year.

That’s the total insurance companies will have to give back to customers this year under an Affordable Care Act provision designed to keep companies from overcharging consumers, the Department of Health and Human Services announced on Thursday. 355 more words

Bobby Caples

Congress Stalls Out Trying To Solve Self-Declared Crises

WASHINGTON — When Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) joined Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in crafting a bill to restructure the Department of Veterans Affairs, he pleaded with his colleagues to not derail the compromise. 1,079 more words

Bobby Caples

Portraits From Women In Zimbabwe

I push the button and the black steel door slides across its tracks, revealing morning traffic and fallen rusty flowers from the nearby flamboyant tree. Every morning it’s the same as I start my 30-minute walk to the office where I work as a Kiva Fellow in Zimbabwe. 1,066 more words

Bobby Caples

The 9 Annoying Things That Happen On Every Conference Call

The conference call is a beautifully awkward part of our 9-to-5 lives. Its conventions are universal — cringe-worthy, frustrating and sometimes downright comical. In partnership with… 648 more words

Bobby Caples

U.S.: Downed Ukraine Jets Part Of Russia Influenced Pattern

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House cast the downing of two fighter jets in Ukraine on Wednesday as part of a pattern of Russian-backed separatists using Russian weapons to pose risks to aircrafts and further destabilize the conflict in the former Soviet republic. 444 more words

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