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The Most Magical People that I Know Are Nuts

In 2008, I was attending a workshop in Pasadena, CA to learn about students with special needs.  At the time, I was working as the Academic Director at a drug rehabilitation center for teenagers who had various medical, emotional and educational challenges. 816 more words

Lord help this child and me while you are at it..

One of the things my mother would say to me consistently as a teen and more vociferously when I became an adult was this; I PRAY that you are ‘blessed’ with a child who behaves JUST LIKE you! 501 more words


why are you STILL here? Now THAT is the question...

Aaaargh!!!!  ” I need to graduate soon!”

This delightful statement came from the mouth of my 21 year old son who is slated to graduate from College in May 2014. 1,058 more words