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xbox one experience

so, yesterday i bought an xbox one. i brought it home, unboxed it and put it next to the ps4. worst thing to do, ever! 52 more words

Pure Nerdism ^^

What do you think, Honey ?

Hi all :)

It’s been a little while again. School kept me so busy. Totally covered with work. Now it’s a little less busy today, so I’m happy to make a little blogpiece for you all :D… 285 more words


Have We All Taken a Huge Step Backward? A Brief History of Credit Cards and Payment Processing

The first credit cards in the United States were pretty safe. Arguably, the first credit cards date all the way back to the late 1930s. A conglomerate of gas stations decided to revolutionize the traditional way that customers put credit on account…

Chris Pratt has a huge junk!

***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt***

I felt his dick inside me, it was getting deeper, and I moaned “Yeah Chris!”, he moaned too, it was the first cock ever, I was a virgin guy from behind, Chris Pratt was my first one, I felt his balls, he was inside me, all of him, my ass felt stretched on its limits, it hurt but I didn’t care, it wasn’t everyday I got to ride such a cock, With my back on Chris, I moved up and down on his cock, this was very painful,but also a huge turn on, I could feel his enormous cock along with its throbbing veins with my ass. 615 more words


Travel Nugget: Windsor Castle

A royal, British castle just a stone’s throw from London. Built in the 1200s, the collection of buildings that make up the castle are overflowing with history. 46 more words