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Jo Johnson "Weaving"

Let me just start by saying that not only were Huggy Bear one of my absolute favorite bands growing up, I still contend they rank as one of the best bands from the 90s full stop. 90 more words


Pic of the Day: "The Odds Against Donald Jordan" revisited

By special request (the hubby’s), today we start off the week with another look at Moose, the far-out bookie of the Mannix episode “The Odds Against Donald Jordan,” first airing on March 1, 1969. 26 more words

Timothy Carey

Let's revisit "Jojo"

Starsky and Hutch try to put away a dangerous rapist despite his frightened victims, who won’t testify, and the Feds, who are protecting him as an informant. 4,222 more words

Paul Michael Glaser