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The Real Reason Movie Stars Have Sex Appeal

Professional actors are known for being some of the sexiest people on the planet, but there is a reason that goes beyond their external appeal that affects this… Coming from a filmmaking background I have learned that a big part of studying acting includes the study of body language and mannerisms. 461 more words


New Poster for Director Neil Blookamp's Chappie

If a film happens to have Neill Bloomkamp’s name attached, immediately it catches my attention. As a Director, Bloomkamp has given us an incredible film in  171 more words


Swordfish (2001)

I’ve never eaten swordfish before but I have seen Swordfish before. How’s that for a terrible introduction? (Wait, there’s more) – unlike the start of Swordfish, which has a very good dramatic introduction. 390 more words

Film Review

New Wolverine is a transgender dude/chick named James Howlett

SF WeeklyAfter recent announcements that by 2015 Thor will be a woman, Captain America will be an African American, and Iron Man will move to San Francisco and redesign his armor to look like an Apple device, 534 more words

X-Men: Days of Future Past

So sorry for not publishing anything for an entire week! I’ve been pretty busy these days because I’m off to England, yay! Which means, no more blogging for 10 more days… 538 more words


editorial: just how difficult is it to look like captain america or the wolverine

Over the last couple of years I have spent what might be considered an unhealthy amount of time reading about diet and exercise.  This has coincided with masses of media attention focusing on just how does Hugh Jackman get into “Wolverine” shape?   251 more words


X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Directed by: Bryan Singer

Starring: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman

I actually saw this movie opening weekend, and now I think it’s already out of theaters. 217 more words