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El Papa Francisco, ahora más cercano a Chávez y Fidel

El escritor Ignacio Ramonet le entrego hoy al Papa Francisco dos de sus libros: “Hugo Chavez. Mi primera vida” y ‘Fidel Castro. Biografia a dos voces” (o “Cien horas con Fidel“) (ver foto). 80 more words


Evo Morales has proved that socialism doesn’t damage economies

Bolivia’s re-elected president has dumbfounded critics in Washington, the World Bank and the IMF. There are lessons for Britain’s left here

By Ellie Mae O’Hagan… 115 more words


Russia Rising

Lasha Darkmoon

October 24, 2014

Russia is on the way up, America on the way down. Will Washington start a major new war in a desperate attempt to reverse its decline and deal a death blow to its increasingly confident competitor? 3,541 more words

War On Syria

Venezuela from the youth's point of view

So they call themselves the “People’s Guard” meanwhile they hurt the real people in the streets with their weapons and hands. It’s true, it’s a tragedy but it’s not what I want to talk here. 1,025 more words


Two isms of politics eating into the vitals of economic growth in India

Lalit Shastri

One is seeing with a deep sense of concern that the two isms-neopatrimonialism and clientelism-are being followed so deceitfully by those who swear by and use democracy to usurp power and do everything to remain riveted to the seats of power in India. 270 more words

Bharatiya Janata Party

Photographing the Bolivarian Revolution

These are a handful of my favourite photographs from Chavista rallies in Venezuela from 2012 to 2014. Enjoy! 183 more words


Hymn 43

As risible as the idea of a “Greater Albania” is, Albanian chauvinism should not be rewarded with further participation in international sporting events. It’s time to drag the Balkans into the twentieth century. 82 more words