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Hugos, 2014 (Where my vote is going)

Much ado has been made of this year’s Hugo Award nominees and 1939 Retro nominees. For my part, I’ll say that we should vote for the works we love most, and remember that what’s popular isn’t always what we think is best. 299 more words


Hugo, who inspires so many

Hugo, my precious boy
So wanted, so loved
I thought my heart might burst with love
Our love inspires so many

Hugo, my special boy… 138 more words


The Guardian Legend Self-Published Book of the Month

During the flurry of twitter announcements from Hugo enthusiasts today I got this breath of fresh air from Hugh. Seriously made my day. As an author with a growing bibliography, little to no outside support or promotion, and exactly zero potential for a Hugo this gives me an aspiration of much more realistic scope. 331 more words


Hey look, the Hugo noms

This is probably post #350 or so on Hugo nominations that you will see in your feed this week.  I just want to focus on good stuff and bring your attention to the following categories for no reason other than there are a lot of amazing things in them. 246 more words


Bright in mind and spirit

Hello. It’s been a while since I last blogged. I missed you, and hope you missed me too.

I last blogged in July 2013. Many of my evenings and weekends had been taken up by my coaching qualification coursework – which, I’m pleased to say, I passed, so the effort was worth it. 1,296 more words