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Hiroshima landslide: update (2)

Further to the posts yesterday and the day before I have received a further (holding) email from the Consulate General and, again, reproduce it below.  In addition to seeking further clarification about the precise location of the landslide, I raised a question about the renewal of my son’s passport which is something that I have been meaning to raise for some months now as the original one, used to remove him in 2011, expired a few months back.  410 more words

International Child Abduction


It’s been a tough week, for a variety of reasons.

Counselling last week was very challenging, because we discussed the day that Hugo died. As expected, recounting that day was very traumatic, and it sent me straight back to those very raw, terrifying emotions. 710 more words


More Interactive Storytelling Today

A while back I wrote about InkleWriter, which is a web-based editor for Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories. Since then I have tried out some other software such as Undum, Twine, and some IF languages such as Inform 7. 1,126 more words

Interactive Storytelling

A Study in Favorite Characters: Part 2 - Grantaire

I am an obsessive bibliophile.

There. I said it. Sometimes stories just get inside my soul. There are characters who grip me tight and refuse to let go. 1,744 more words

Hiroshima landslide: update

Further to yesterday’s post, I received overnight the email reproduced below from the British Consulate General in Osaka.  It was from one of the two officials who conducted the… 362 more words

International Child Abduction