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Close-Up: A Trip to the Moon (1902)

Generally considered to be one of the first great narrative films, Georges Méliès’ 1902 film, A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans la Lune), … 297 more words


30-Day Movie Challenge - Day 10

My favourite director wasn’t really a tough choice. I have many favourites but number one is miles ahead of the rest. Guy Ritchie, David Fincher, Del Toro, Nolan, Tarantino, Kubrick… 389 more words


Hugo: The Lockton Downs Haunting is out now!

Hugo: The Lockton Downs Haunting is out now from Amazon. It’s a novella (about 56 pages) about a haunted house, and it’s all told from the point of view of the family dog. 178 more words


10 (non-grief) things about me

I’ve been inspired by fellow baby loss mamas Baby Boy Blue and Expecting the Unexpected to share things about myself that are outside of my grief about Hugo. 1,123 more words


Movie Soundtracks that Kill

Here are five soundtracks from five different movies with the exception of Hans Zimmer because…well it would be too difficult to decide on only one soundtrack.


Where does the time go?

Yesterday marked four months since Hugo’s death.

Four months!

I was shocked when I added it up. It’s a strange paradox of the intervening time feeling like it has gone really quickly and feeling like yesterday, yet it feeling like so long ago too. 454 more words