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The Hugo Award and Publicaiton Dates, Part 4: Conclusion and Discusison

Over the past several days, Chaos Horizon has been looking at the correlation between US publication dates and the frequency of being nominated for or winning a Hugo Award for Best Novel, 2001-2014. 519 more words

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The Hugo Award and Publication Dates, Part 3: Methodology and Data

This methodology post is unlikely to be much of interest to the casual reader, but I’m recording this information in case anyone wants to double check the data, or to call into question the kind of data I used. 1,048 more words

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The Hugo Award and Publication Dates, Part 2

In Part 1 of this Chaos Horizon report, we looked at the relationship between US publication dates and Hugo Best Novel nominations from 2001-2014. Now, we can turn our eyes to actually wining the Hugo Best Novel for that same date range. 368 more words

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The Hugo Award and Publication Dates: A Chaos Horizon Report

As part of its continued statistical analysis of the Hugo and Nebula Awards, Chaos Horizon is happy to present its first ever report. Today, we’ll be looking at the impact of publication date on the chances of being nominated for and winning the Hugo Award for Best Novel. 529 more words

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I Left Her at the Tube Station, and Other Stories of Worldcon, Part II

Okay, sorry about that. The press of Life has prevented me from fulfilling my promise that I would conclude our London adventures, and I am reminded that my fans might be hanging by their fingertips (metaphorically speaking, I hope). 533 more words

Party: Isle of Summer - the beach of happiness

Unter diesem Motto fand letzten Sonntag das letzte Isle of Summer in diesem Jahr statt – diesmal in einer ganz neuen und extrem schicken Location, nämlich dem H’ugos Undosa Beach Club Starnberg! 433 more words


Some tor.com stories from 2013

Ellen Datlow was one of the Nominees for Best Editor (Short Form) of the 2014 Hugo Awards.  The Hugo voter packet provides samples of work the nominated editors did in 2013. 387 more words