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Looking Back: My first three months of blogging

I have now been blogging for three months. So far, it’s been fun. In the past three months I have almost exclusively concentrated on reviewing this year’s Hugo nominees. 332 more words

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Hugo Blogging: Retro-Hugo Novellas

I won’t be able to get all of the retro-Hugo material read before the closing date for voting (I’ve had health problems which mean my ability to concentrate has been diminished, and which also mean that I sadly won’t be able to vote for the Campbells, which I consider more important than the retro-Hugos) but I thought I’d at least get the short fiction done. 565 more words

Novel voting and Leftover Hugo nominated novels post

There are three novel nominees that I started and could not finish. I actually read so little of them that they do not call for an individual post per nominee. 757 more words

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Opinion: Ann Leckie - Ancillary Justice (2013)

publisher: Orbit

length: 416 pages (paperback edition)

obtained: bought e-book at amazon

my rating: 5/5

This is not really a review, although I will try my best. 293 more words

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Review: Neptune's Brood - Charles Stross (2013)

publisher: Orbit

length: 352 pages (in paperback edition)

obtained: bought ebook at amazon

my rating: 4.5/5

Neptune’s Brood is set in the same Universe as… 555 more words

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Hugo voting part 4: Campbell Award voting

This is a difficult category to vote on. There are two placements on my ballot that I am not sure about. Firstly, I am not sure whether to put… 396 more words

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