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Former Buc Dave Moore Doesn't Like Hugs... Or Does He?

Dave (our Dave that is) ran into his old friend, former Bucs tight end Dave Moore and the two had some catching up to do! 150 more words


What Is This? Happiness?

Writing this seems almost taboo, but I feel happy. The laughter is genuine. The smiles are real. Emotions are being felt. In fact, emotions are having to be relearned. 531 more words


The Canal Man and His Cardboard Canoe

After writing my previous posts I have come to feel such an acceptance of my past that I have now felt able to confide to a few friends. 929 more words

Finding Forgiveness in Costa Rica

Gratitude goes well, but forgiveness hits a glitch. Not everyone defines the word the same. To some it includes an element of reconciliation, forgetting or moving on and several of us agree that defined that way, some acts are unforgivable. 51 more words

X0: Peace

Just a question which I hope would be answered by some of you

I don’t want to be hugged. All I can think of when I think about being hugged is ‘ew’, not because I’m grossed out by it, but because I don’t know how to respond to it. 338 more words


Como se dice? #dpchallenge #poetry #children

How do you say… “shoe”?


naturally we both point at our feet

under the table

the four-year old and me


How do you say… “smile”? 125 more words