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A Vapor...

Life. It is truly a vapor.

Today’s post will be simple and inspired by a close friend’s loss. Michele, this is dedicated to you, your family & the memory of your beautiful & vivacious sweet, sweet Mom Pamela. 380 more words


Platek Playground {Who Are We?}

Platek Playground

Hello there! We recently started doing DAILY VLOGS on YouTube and we are loving it! It’s such an amazing way to keep memories of our every day lives. 40 more words


Appreciation at Work: Physical Touch (Language #5)

Do you need a hug?” I’ve learned to ask this question first before lunging into an embrace of a distressed colleague. Apparently, not everyone likes hugs. 615 more words


Welcome to my very first blog entry.

Well, I guess I’ll start my first entry by telling you a little bit about myself. Not too much though… I like to be mysterious ;) My name is Laura, of course, and that’s me up there eating noodles! 886 more words

First Blog

Two Things

Two things about me…

1. I have amazing friends.

2. I love hugs.

This week has been a rough one (and yes, I’m aware it’s only Wednesday). 296 more words


So I figured it out a little.


I don’t feel like I have the chance everyone else has. I haven’t been feeling up to par, and however many excuses I give, I don’t feel like they’re good enough. 328 more words