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Historic Huguenot Street: New Paltz, New York

Historic Huguenot Street

81 Huguenot Street

New Paltz, New York


When I visited my friend in New Paltz, New York, in 2010 it was a rad surprise to discover, and tour, Historic Huguenot Street. 254 more words

Sep 7 - Elie Naud/Elias Neau - Huguenot witness to faith & justice

Elie Naud/Elias Neau
Huguenot Witness to the Faith
7 September 1722

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From the Satucket Lectionary

The most effective work of the Society among… 710 more words

Paradoxical Thoughts

Samuel Romilly -- an Englishman descended from Huguenots

My preceding post summarised the influence that Huguenots had on English society and culture.

Today’s looks at a generational example of how the descendants of Huguenots continued the same tradition. 1,421 more words


A summary of the Huguenots in Britain

Yesterday’s post covered the Huguenot influence on the Channel Islands, Jersey in particular. It also looked at General — or Marshal — Vauban’s statistics on the wealth, expertise and military training the Huguenots were taking from France. 1,263 more words


Huguenot migration, French alarm and the Channel Islands

My past two posts — here and here — looked at Huguenots settling in South Africa, thanks to the efforts of the Netherlands and the Dutch East India Company. 1,466 more words


The Huguenot legacy in South Africa

Yesterday’s post looked at the Huguenot migration to South Africa. The plaque of their family names (pictured above, courtesy of Wikipedia) is located in the Johannesburg Botanical Garden. 700 more words


The Huguenots in South Africa

It is estimated that 250,000 Huguenots lost their lives in France during the Wars of Religion.

Another 250,000 fled to countries which were tolerant with regard to religious practice. 754 more words