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Fish Burrito At Alerto's: FV

Do you like punching your friends with Hulk hands, karate chopping styrofoam, or knocking down castles made of wooden blocks? Do you love being CRUNCHY? Me too so whenever I can I destroy a Fish Burrito from… 128 more words

Southern California

Superheroes Subbing for Santa

The recent rash of movies released by Marvel has brought the super heroes back into our lives and they save damsels in distress, small children, and cats in trees. 252 more words


How Spiderman can be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Last week, a lot news was leaked online in the wake of a massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures -leaked emails showing just how close Disney/Marvel and Sony were to working out a deal to allow Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 881 more words

Andrew Garfield

Dear Jack: Marvel Universe Live- Family Friendly Review (Lexus RX 450h Weekend)

4 years.

Dear Jack,

Having visited the Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con this past June in Atlanta and seen all the Marvel characters there, Mommy and I decided it would be a good decision for our family to drive the luxurious… 595 more words


Puny god...

There’s this awesome scene from The Avengers where The Incredible Hulk is battling Loki, a supervillain, a mythological Norse god. Loki demands Hulk’s worship and hulk is not having it. 371 more words