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For decade’s now there have been video games based on Marvel properties: Spider-Man, the X-Men, The Punisher, even Deadpool and the Silver Surfer. A high percentage of the games released based on a Marvel property take place right here on the planet earth, and rightfully so. 824 more words


[RUMOR DEBUNKED] Director James Gunn Calls “100% Bull—” on Planet Hulk Rumors

I see that he feels very strongly about this.

I’m gonna back away now.

Let’s be real, ever since The Hulk reappeared in The Incredible Hulk… 520 more words


I am coming out and I want to motivate other people

Nothing interesting has really happened since I last wrote. Earthquakes haven’t been that bad in the Mexican capital and my internet provider still sucks…
So, after some time enjoying life like a well known Mexican “nini” (because NI estudia, NI trabaja) it was time to start being responsible, so I started looking for a job. 740 more words

Sonic Unleashed

I love Sonic, but he’s too easy to poke fun at.


Dendritic Reflective: Week 5

Here is my review of progress after five weeks:

The Basil Brothers

Despite another bout of Italian cookery during the week the brothers roll on in their practical and indomitable way (touch wood). 907 more words

Marvel Studios Reveal Release Dates for Five New Movies

With Guardians of the Galaxy released later this month, then Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man to follow next year, what could be next for Marvel Studios and their Phase Three or movies and beyond? 172 more words