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Peru Replaces Finance Minister With Top Economic Adviser

Published by Anadolu Agency September 15.

President Ollanta Humala has swapped his prominent finance minister with the ministry’s key adviser, in an unexpected move as the economy showed its slowest growth in five years. 386 more words


Waiting For Water in Peru Capital's Favelas

Published by Anadolu Agency Sept 10

LIMA, Peru (AA) – As she wrings out children’s clothing in the rare winter sun, Hayde Zela is doing painstaking water in scarce water. 1,124 more words


First Lady's Plans for 2016 Peru Presidency Denied

Peru’s First Lady, Nadine Heredia, will not run for president its cabinet chief has affirmed, amid renewed speculation she may circumvent rules that bar her from succeeding her husband. 474 more words


bayly: otra vez mercader de opinión

Nada ni nadie puede discutir o poner en tela de juicio su agudeza mental, la amplitud de sus intereses, su capacidad oratoria, las redes informativas que ha desarrollado y su trayectoria como opinólogo profesional, muchas veces histórica en América Latina. 286 more words


Peru’s Humala Seeks to Revive Presidency

Published by Anadolu Agency July 29.

Peru’s Ollanta Humala has announced boosts to state spending and further economic stimulus in a bid to win support for his beleaguered government. 544 more words


Peru’s Government Splits As Rebel Lawmakers Weaken Humala

Peru’s ruling Nationalist party verged on crisis yesterday, after six of its lawmakers resigned in protest at candidate selections for top  positions in Congress. 

The splintering leaves the government with 37 congressmen – one more than the main opposition group – critically curbing President Humala’s power to act on Peru’s slowing economy. 481 more words


Peru’s Humala Appoints Sixth Prime Minister in Three years

Originally published by Anadolu Agency, July 23rd

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala has appointed the country’s sixth prime minister in three years, after Rene Cornejo resigned amid accusations of plotting a smear campaign against an opposition politician. 470 more words