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Should autonomous cars behave like automatons or act like human drivers?

At Nokia’s Here connected car division(s nok) in Chicago, researchers are pouring over crowdsourced vehicle data from all of the world, trying to figure out how our future autonomous vehicles should comport themselves on the road. 599 more words

Connected Car

Oh, what a night!

Hey…I have a new phone!

Not only do I have a new phone, but I kept my old number. It would be somewhat unfair to tell you the name of my former provider, but Verizon was – oops, did it, didn’t I? 925 more words


Your Baby Is a Racist—and Why You Can Live With That

You always suspected babies were no good, didn’t you? They’re loud, narcissistic, spoiled, volatile and not exactly possessed of good table manners. Now it turns out that they’re racists too. 767 more words

Jesus shows us the way

Today is Holy Thursday.  We are entering into the most sacred days of the Christian year. Today we will remember the institution of the Eucharist.  We also remember that on this day Jesus becomes a model for us to follow.  268 more words


Human Behavior...

We all go through ranges of emotions and behaviors

and spring back and forth through them,

its part of being human


Brain Theory - The Great Myth Of Our Time

There is perhaps no greater insult to a man than the assertion that everything he is, every fiber of his being, every idea he has ever had, and everything he has ever felt, is really just an elaborate chemistry experiment taking place between his ears. 684 more words

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