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Choose your color.

What color would you like to be? I am not sure that was a choice but if it was I am positive only the bravest chose to be something other than white. 272 more words


EbolaWatch: Prognoses, medicine, Africa news

We begin with a prognosis from Reuters:

Ebola discoverer Piot sees long, bumpy road to ending epidemic

West Africa’s Ebola epidemic could worsen further before abating but new infections should start to decline in all affected countries by the end of this year, a leading specialist on the disease said on Wednesday.

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Of Angels & Music by Estela Caballero

Someone had stolen his gloves in the night. He considered himself lucky that was all they did. A sweet melody had woken him.  The notes rising and falling like his heart used to when he still had one.  461 more words


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Happy Thanksgiving. The Caballero Family

California drought unchanged: Sorry, folks

Yep, the latest map from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows no change in the parched state of the Golden State despite the recent rains. Click on it to embiggen: 26 more words


Whose Anger is Justified?

If you watched the news these last few days, you were likely bombarded with images of violence in the streets of Ferguson, as well as in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Oakland, and Chicago among others.  797 more words

Human Behavior

How to Attract, Retain, and Develop Millennial Employees

As employee disengagement levels are on the rise in the U.S. over the last couple of years, business leaders are seeking to understand the reasons behind this disengagement. 121 more words


Paraphrasing should be a part of your Thanksgiving

Here’s the deal: Thanksgiving can be an emotionally-misguided time. Drama emerges, things are said, etc, etc. We’ve all been there. (I honestly think it’s either that… 455 more words

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