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I enjoy writing, and I have several passions; among those are the tag-line subjects at the heading of this blog: history, human behavior, politics, crime, religion, and moments of living in general. 368 more words


Act Of Kindness

A woman went to the dentist to get her dentures repaired.

  The dentures were examined and she was quoted the price of the repair. She did not have this amount of money to spend, so she declined the repair. 68 more words

Human Behavior


when rapt in thoughts,

when you feel the universe is caving in,

when engrossed by chaos,

when you are staring into an abyss

when you have many around- but yet no one. 169 more words


Humanity's Extremism

In the current social and media narratives one ideology that is frequently discussed is extremism. Most often the term extremism is used to describe religious or political views that are negatively perceived as being too far out from the accepted concepts and beliefs of society. 935 more words

Human Behavior
There are certain buildings in every town that fail to thrive.

Built during a boom, or because someone had an odd piece of land in the family, or an idea for a business, one day, it’s empty.

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Female Asperger

Accept yourself - let your light shine!

Do you have a problem with self-acceptance?  I do.  I suspect that most of us do.

In today’s Gospel, Mark 4:21-25, Jesus urges us to accept ourselves and to let our light shine for all to see. 138 more words


Business Survival 101

Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection provided biology and the sciences a compelling way to understand how organisms evolve, extinguish, and grow – all as a function of developing the right combination of characteristics that are most adaptive and functional for a given environment. 340 more words

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