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Fast Food Could Make Children Perform Worse in School

A new study shows that children who regularly eat fast food don’t perform as well as their fellow students in school.

“Research has been focused on how children’s food consumption contributes to the child-obesity epidemic,” Kelly Purtell of Ohio State University, who led the study, told the… 100 more words

Bad sleep around full moon is no longer a myth

25 JUN 2013

Many people complain about poor sleep around full moon. Scientists at the University of Basel in Switzerland now report evidence that lunar cycles and human sleep behavior are in fact connected. 270 more words

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On the murder of and by NYPD

There is nothing that can “justify” murder, there are only things that can *explain* it. Cause-and-effect operates outside of morality. Which is not to say that murder (or any human action) can be boiled down to a single cause but rather that a confluence of circumstances can be understood to have a certain potential to lead to a specific outcome, not unlike the way we understand the physical sciences. 190 more words


Terror on War

How does one write a story that attempts to bring terror to terrorists?

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

One day, one that was among the busiest of holiday seasons, a team of 55 terrorists were preparing to send a message to America. 1,388 more words


How To Set Priorities: Start with clarity about what matters most

I want to write a bunch on this blog in 2015 about the notion of setting priorities, because I think it’s one of the most interesting aspects of human existence (sorry to oversell that), especially as it gets ramped up and more people have more responsibilities and social and technology and yadda yadda yadda insert your own narrative here. 656 more words

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Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

It’s been an hour since we got home from picking my mother from the airport and already my mom is tinkering around my apartment, moving things around, fiddling with my belongings. 337 more words