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The Evolution of Food Consumption in Western Society

As the old adage goes: we are what we eat. In a socio-psychological sense, this has some truth to it. In a biological context, archaeologists and historians can determine the dietary culture and daily lives of ancient cultures by examining the stomach contents of a well-preserved corpse. 433 more words


Ebola, its origins, and how it spreads

If you are at all interested in the sudden surge of Ebola outbreaks in Africa, then this 28 August lecture at the University of California’s public health school in Berkeley will fill in a lot of gaps in your knowledge. 263 more words


Hunting Where There Is No Game



I got to Berdo’s house pretty late in the day and knocked using the tarnished brass ring in the lion’s jaw. I hear him busily moving about in the lights-bright living room just on the other side of the door. 259 more words

Human Behavior

Chart of the day: Americans on national image

Specifically, their shifting judgments about the nation’s relative clout on the global stage. From a report by the Pew Research Center:


You have the power...

If you, like me, would like to live in a world that exhibits more civility, just say no to the junk with you clicking finger. 18 more words

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Veterans Today: A War for Nothing by Uri Avnery, … Gush Shalom, Tel Aviv

The Zios usual PR defense tactic of one dead Jew is a larger crime than a 1000 Palestinians did not get swallowed like in the past. 395 more words

Human Behavior

Is Social Media Twittering Warning Flags

Our local lefty blogger is aways telling us that more and more people are using social media to get the real news, that social media is more accurate than our local newspaper. 252 more words

Human Behavior