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Abdicating by autopilot

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

Puzzling critter, the human mind.  A year ago I hadn’t been examined by a physician for almost two decades and I took full responsibility for my health, was certain I would continue to do so without the involvement of physicians. 580 more words

Human Behavior

Common Core Town Hall

Town Hall meeting on Common Core will be held on the 29th of April at the Elks Hall in Grass Valley, and I have decided to attend. 364 more words

Climate Change

last Sunday..

last Sunday was a rather special day. specifically it was Easter Sunday, but more interestingly, it was also April 20th. because of this curious overlap, an unholy trinity of… i-don’t-even-know unfolded in Golden Gate Park: 1) families celebrated Easter Sunday over picnic lunches, 2) the annual… 179 more words

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Simbiote Part 3 Superconscious

Mankind’s vanity has resulted in numerous attempts to explain how humans differ from the rest of the animal kingdom and what makes us the superior species on Earth. 1,719 more words

Alternative Thinking

We are all winners amd I'll prove it

Dedicated to fellow blogger Dennis Cardiff,whose work will someday rival Mother Theresa’s.

Planet earth, where EVERYONE, is not only special, but is unquestionably and scientifically proven to be a winner. 187 more words

સમસ્યા અને સમાધાન

પ્રશ્ન ઉઠે છે મનમાં એવો

હું કોણ, હું ક્યાંથી આવ્યો ?

શાને કાજે ભમું સંસાર

હું માયા માં કેમ અટવાયો ?

મન કરે છે મૃગલાની જેમ

Playing With Words

Hit Me Over The Head

 Jason Padgett, 31, college drop-out from Tacoma, WA, drove red Camaro, partied his heart out, was otherwise “normal” and, before September 13, 2002, looked like this: 476 more words