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The Banks Could Use a Biology Lesson (Part II)

Just as an efficient investment portfolio should be diversified, so should complex systems if they are to be expected to withstand the test of time. 323 more words


We Are Amazing

I took the above picture in the Science Museum. I think it’s a great reminder to us that human beings are really quite phenomenal. The human body and mind never fails to amaze me and our capacity to learn, achieve and heal is something that has always fascinated me and which probably lead me to the profession I am in. 352 more words

For The Love Of Running

Response #36 Dust Bunnies

Mysterious Theologian: Chase

Dusty God, you tangle yourself up with us. You twist yourself between our skin cells and strands of hair. We have vacuumed you up and packed you tightly away in the Bible, but you are persistent and every baby born is a child of yours shedding stories of you with them. 83 more words

Life Drawing

Taking a life drawing class was definitely a new experience for me. I had never drawn from a clothed model, let alone a nude model! I have to admit, it was a bit strange in the beginning, but eventually I got used to it. 23 more words

The Human Body: Anatomy, Facts & Functions !

Human Body : Skeleton System, Anatomy, Facts & Functions

The human body is everything that makes up, well, you. The basic parts of the human body are the head, neck, torso, arms and legs. 870 more words

Life Science

The Importance of H2O

Three reasons I’ve heard why people who don’t like to drink water: 1) It doesn’t have a taste and if it does it’s stale or doesn’t taste good. 164 more words

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