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Reflections on “Art, Anatomy and the Body: Vesalius 500”

Our “Art, Anatomy, and the Body: Vesalius 500″ festival guest curator, artist and anatomist Riva Lehrer, reflects on the event.

My approach as co-curator of “Art, Anatomy and the Body: Vesalius 500” was to ask how we use anatomy today to understand what it means to be human.

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History Of Medicine

Why you should be exercising more often

  1. It Enhances My Immune System
    Regular physical activities have an enormous impact on my immune system. Just a few years ago I could catch colds several times during the winter season.
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Human Nose Deserves More Credit Than Previously Thought

Published on Guardian Liberty Voice, March 22, 2014.

The old saying goes that human nose can only distinguish 10,000 different odors, leaving humans at the bottom of the sense of smell in the animal kingdom. 46 more words


21 Facts About The Human Body

21 Facts About The Human Body

By Ralph Kratzer

Hello reader, I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you have an amazing body!

That’s not a clumsy compliment, I really mean your body is a marvel of nature. 474 more words


Week in Review & Our Homeschool Co-op

This week was not as productive in the academics as I was hoping it would be. I am not concerned because we school pretty much year round and this school year started in July. 668 more words


Aging Process in Humans

Aging process in humans is a complex and natural process that brings about many physical as well as psychological changes. Read on for more information on the aging process in humans. 664 more words

Aging Process