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Human Nose Deserves More Credit Than Previously Thought

Published on Guardian Liberty Voice, March 22, 2014.

The old saying goes that human nose can only distinguish 10,000 different odors, leaving humans at the bottom of the sense of smell in the animal kingdom. 46 more words


Body and Soul

After a hard day’s work, business travel, family management duties, it is good to pamper body well. We look forward to rest, put our feet up, soak feet, cover skin with face masks with luxurious high quality favourite products for best skin care results. 1,240 more words


21 Facts About The Human Body

21 Facts About The Human Body

By Ralph Kratzer

Hello reader, I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you have an amazing body!

That’s not a clumsy compliment, I really mean your body is a marvel of nature. 474 more words


Week in Review & Our Homeschool Co-op

This week was not as productive in the academics as I was hoping it would be. I am not concerned because we school pretty much year round and this school year started in July. 668 more words


Aging Process in Humans

Aging process in humans is a complex and natural process that brings about many physical as well as psychological changes. Read on for more information on the aging process in humans. 664 more words

Aging Process

24-hour Qi Body Clock

Our body is a perfectly balanced mechanism that it needs to be appreciated and understood to function at its best.

In traditional Chinese Medicine each body organ is linked to specific hours of the day when it is at its maximum capacity.Peak time is when Qi energy is flowing through the meridian that affects that particular Organ.

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Did You Know?

Project Spotlight: MRI Scan

Merge the upcoming Halloween celebration with a unit on human anatomy! The R59254 MRI Scan kit is perfect for introducing children to organs and tissues of the body. 311 more words

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