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How do I drink 8 cups of water in a day?

On average experts say we need about 8 cups of water a day. Give or take depending on how precise you want to get with body weight, sex, age and what not. 363 more words

Human Body

Get up! And Move! Everyday!

The human body is an organic mechanical machine that is designed to move. Through evolution our body has taken the most strongest and able form to be that of a hunter and gatherer to survive. 196 more words

Anatomy & Physiology

Would You?

Would You Go Through Hell Just To Be With The Person Your In Love With? Would You Walk 5 Miles To Be With Them In The Winter Cold? 135 more words


Our Human Body: Good or Bad?

Our human body is an essential part of us. We live our mortal life here on earth in our body. God has established a harmony in the body, making it all work together. 602 more words

Human Body

Chalk it Up! Year 7 chalk drawings of organs and organ systems

Taking learning outdoors is always an enjoyable experience! In order to enhance understanding about organs and organ systems Year 7 students were asked to create chalk drawings the human body. 11 more words