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Dizionario visuale: Il Corpo Umano (2a parte)

Il video di Dizionario visuale: Il corpo Umano (1a parte) lo trovate qui.

Il corpo umano è l’intera struttura fisica dell’organismo umano. Il corpo umano consiste in una testa, un collo, un torso, due arti superiori e due arti inferiori. 168 more words


How fast your heart beats during orgasm.

My boyfriend is a paramedic/firefighter, an amazing one at that. He loves learning about medical knowledge, especially anything do to with the heart. I had done an experiment on myself using his stethoscope, I listened to how fast my heart beat while I was having an orgasm. 63 more words

Communicating with your body

Out of all the body parts, my knee is the one I communicate with the most. 

I would tell my legs to hang in there during trainings and marathons. 204 more words


Today it is widely known that one of the smallest and most abundant living organisms on earth go by the name, “prokaryotes.” These microorganisms have been the center of much scientific investigation. 1,165 more words


Antibody in Immune System

Antibody in Human Body

Antibody is a protein form in a Y shape produced by the plasma cells. It is known as immunoglobulin, a term mostly used by the doctors. 371 more words


The challenge of explaining the mind-body connection in bodywork

One of my very favorite philosophers was Decarte. In the article in Science News, ‘To have a sound mind, a brain needs a body’, BY… 388 more words