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It's Getting Chilly!

Well this weather is certainly interesting, huh? Here in Pennsylvania it was super warm yesterday between 9:45 and 11am, and then by 3pm it was freezing cold again. 179 more words


Do You Believe in Soulmates?

The concept of ‘soulmates’ is one that has intrigued me for years and it came to me yet again this evening as I watched the setting sun. 25 more words


No humanity, just no.  

I’ve been glued to the news coverage of the Sydney hostage situation this morning. It’s human nature to be fascinated by such things, to rubber neck. 595 more words

We have evolved to connect deeply with other human beings. Our awareness of this fact can and should bring us even closer to one another.

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VIDEO: Put Your Phone Down and Look Up

Does modern technology give us more opportunity for human connection? Are the connections it does create genuine, or simply a facade? What effect is this technology having on the next generation, growing up consumed by a constant flow of information? 30 more words

Social Media

Chapter 12: Worm Sign

–A sincere smile can change the world.–

The night’s rains have turned the hard-packed-dirt surface of Rabbit Lane into a thin slick of mud, with small pools in the valleys between washboard peaks.  811 more words