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Emancipation Day.

Today is Emancipation Day – my own personal, quietly commemorated independence day. Today two years ago I left an increasingly violent, volatile and dangerous marriage, and I showed up at some ungodly hour at my friend’s front door, with a suitcase and a black eye and a pink plastic folder full of music. 548 more words


It's Labor Day in the USA

Work is

whatever it is


it is

it’s what it is

Happy Labor Day

wherever you are.

How Technology is Compromising the Human Condition

I see dead people. No, I see zombies. They walk aimlessly down the street and swerve into my lane on the highway. They’re not under the spell of a witch or voodoo overlord; they’re controlled by their smartphones. 1,348 more words



It’s a concept that’s disappearing in some parts of the world, but Charlottesville still has one. The parking is difficult, but the offerings are attractive. 18 more words

We Don't Go It Alone

Even hermits in their fastness depend on somebody for food. If it’s not a person delivering food, it’s a person supplying the wherwithall to catch the food. 62 more words

The difficult beauty of an acknowledgements page

So I wrote a book, and part of writing it was to draw up an acknowledgements page. It turns out that writing acknowledgements is harder than writing the book itself. 340 more words

Human Connection

The Small Acts of Kindness

It’s the small acts of kindness that make the biggest difference. I think I’ve always known that, but it wasn’t until tonight that the phrase actually had meaning in my life. 924 more words

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