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Can Stress Be Your Friend?

Today is a public holiday. I planned to spend it doing various activities, but I seem to have caught a slight cold (out of the blue) and need to stay home and recover. 122 more words


A Thin Veneer

The lake remains entirely covered by ice. The commercial fishermen have abandoned their series of netted holes, and more than a few hobbyists have waited too long to pack away their shelters, which now rest dubiously on the lake’s diminishing surface. 1,919 more words

i want to be friends with a total stranger

why do i always meet the most interesting, down to earth, funny and friendly people at the most obscure times!?

today i chatted with a new mother in the line at the walk in clinic.   107 more words


I met a beautiful young woman named Emma on Saturday night; she could have been one of my friends. She was witty, soft natured, beautiful and smart. 750 more words

Unpopular Opinions

When I was a little girl, my big sister had a friend named Dale. Immediately after High School graduation, Dale moved back to New Zealand and began traveling the world. 562 more words

Connect the dots

Small black raindrops falling from the sky. The pattern of dots scattered across the blank page appear random. If it weren’t for the sequential numbers that accompany these smudges, I would have the urge to wipe my sleeve across the sheet and clean the apparent mess. 796 more words


One in four, or three in five?

I went out to dinner on Saturday night: a group of intelligent dinner companions, some strangers, some old friends. Curries and several bottles of wine in the middle of the table; conversation, debate (at times quite heated), the clash of mind on mind, but underpinned always by respect. 422 more words

Human Connection