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The mysterious mower and human kindness.

It ended up being a fairly late night last night, and a fairly early morning this morning, and a fairly big day. I’m pretty tired, and I’m sitting here on my lounge listening to Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony and drinking beer and looking forward to the fact that tomorrow’s Friday, and sometimes four hundred-odd words seems a lot to write for this blog. 463 more words

Human Connection

The Human Connection

Each and every day, my team and I strive to live true to our vision – to bring the human connection into every interaction!

Many an entrepreneur can build a business that brings products to market, but how many can be as proud as I am to have shaped a company around a common set of values and a unified vision? 57 more words


Laughter in a Holden Commodore.

One of the very mixed blessings about now living a way out of town is the drive home. It’s brilliant unwinding time; I can think, I can listen to music, I can plan what needs to be done. 465 more words

Human Connection

The EIGHTY-SEVENTH Shooting Questions

The EIGHTY-SEVENTH! According to a recent post from Mother Jones, the Marysville, Washington, school shooting marks the 87th since the Newtown, Connecticut, Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012. 378 more words

The Human Side

I Know Nothing. My Take on Connections

“What do you know about him?” my little bro asked bluntly as he drove the both of us to our usual gym outing.

Without hesitation, I started to go down a list. 808 more words


Just Lookin'

The view from far away can look so good. Do your thoughts go there?

It might be hard to tell just what you’re looking at. And sometimes… 26 more words