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That Facebook Like button, Thumbs up emoticon & Mindful Connection

This is something that has both fascinated me, and irked me for a little while and the funny thing is I am guilty of this too! 624 more words


I am a military spouse. My husband has been out of town for the last two weeks straight and I have been, to put it mildly, bored. 1,131 more words


Real people, real people, and an unrelated challenge.

The last time I spoke about the distinction between me and “real people” (that is, people who haven’t lived through domestic violence) I got pretty soundly critiqued: in calling others “real people”, I was implying that my experience was somehow unreal, not grounded in reality. 373 more words


A(n old) death threat, and being a real person.

I had to do some banking the other day, and in conversation with the lovely girl at the teller’s window, she informed me that I still had two joint accounts with my ex. 500 more words


Anti-Social Media

I just watched this short film, COLD, and it reminded me of the Human Connection. One we all have and all want. I grew up when cooking a 10 course meal was faster than having the internet set up to send an email. 219 more words

Personal Growth

Day 1: Use Your Gifts to Be Great

Most people sharing content on Facebook seem to do so, focusing on the “great” in life: how “great” the kids are; what a “great” meal we had; back, from a “great” vacation. 126 more words

Life Lesson

quote du jour ~maharshi

There are no others.

~Ramana Maharshi