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Validation Required

In today’s post I want to delve into the human connection. It got me thinking… Is there a such a thing as a common connection in our human experience and if so, what is it? 237 more words


Putting Our Backs Into It

Backs are kind of wonderful. They enable us to walk after all (just try it when your back is out) and they go on expressing a whole lot more than we think, behind our backs, as it were. 23 more words


Happy General Assembly...UN--

It is General Assembly time at the United Nations in New York City once again.  The people of the world gather here every September to speak with each other, listen to each other, and connect with each other regarding many of the global issues of the moment, and we wish all members of the U.N. 101 more words

Why I Write

A businessman approaches an architect because he needs a larger space for his business. The architect agrees to design a new building.  The architect could design a big box that looks like Wal-mart, Best Buy, or a dozen other large retailers. 654 more words

God's Glory

Wisdom in passing.

I was talking – well, messaging, actually – with someone who’s been through a lot recently. She’s not someone I know well, but I like her: I like her gentle essence, her calm presence. 189 more words



In the morning we see our old therapist for the first time again in about eight months. She is the first therapist we have seen for DID, in terms of actual alters being out and speaking. 695 more words


Where Are the Rocking Chairs of Yesterday?

The easy answer, of course, is at the antique store, at the second-hand shop, maybe, in your attic. Not in mine, I’m sorry to say. I have a rocking chair, but it dates to 1989 and you can tell. 90 more words