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Harry Potter and the dark side of work

I was delighted to be invited by my good friend Professor Adrian Furnham to the launch party of  his new book  High Potential along with Kate Griffiths Lambeth.   632 more words

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Human and Nature Dynamics (Handy)

Human and Nature Dynamics (HANDY):

Modeling Inequality and Use of Resources in the

Collapse or Sustainability of Societies

Unequal Society

. . .   most closely reflecting the reality of our world today  . 114 more words

What kind of fool am I ?

On April 1st 1994, I started Human Dynamics, which eventually spawned The Academy of Rock a few years later, so today marks 20 years in business.   458 more words

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Two Tribes - Branding for different markets

One of the challenges of managing a brand with two distinctly different manifestations is the need for each of them to have the same strength and a distinctively different targeting. 613 more words

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Rethinking CRIME

     One of the 64 Essays on Change is being posted each consecutive Sunday. The choice of which is decided either by requests made on the Contact Page and/or immediate relevance to current events. 1,078 more words

Everyone NEEDS a best Friend

“Everyone needs a best friend”…

Following on from the marathon we endured in the last chapter, the plan is to keep this one brief and informative. 1,500 more words

Hangin' on the telephone ... at O2

This is a tale of appalling customer service, bad data management, a company culture that refuses to deal with complaints and employee disempowerment / disengagement at the mobile phone company O2.   2,096 more words