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Shomei Tomatsu, was one of the leading post-war Japanese photographers one of the most influential photographers of his era. Tomatsu’s expressionistic images portrait the issues of love, pain, fear and other powerful human emotions.


Self Pity - A lonely world

Why do people feel sorry for themselves?
People who feel sorry for themselves feel powerless about their situation. They feel victimised and believe they can’t cope, especially if they are dealing with someone whom they see as having power over them. 1,132 more words

Sons of the Devil [fiction]

Everything begins like this. A dark shadow watching from afar.

Rain pours like there is no hope left. A strange feeling everywhere. You feel suffocated from all the ashes that float around. 173 more words


REPOST: Science and philosophy probe the emotional lives of animals

Do animals have feelings like humans do? Joe Gelonesi of ABC.net writes an article about the philosophical arguments that have been made to answer that question. 1,458 more words

A Morning Gratitude List

Today is a day of contrasts. I’m feeling anticipation and apprehension. In the midst of these conflicting emotions, I thought it might be helpful and grounding to write a gratitude list. 191 more words

Mental Health

Feelings: ugh.

This post is going to be less edited than usual, a bit of a mental splapwaiouerh onto the screen just to get some stuff out. Strap yourself in for spelling mistakes and grammar errors! 405 more words


A new toy: The Daily Mood

I have a new toy:

‘The Daily Mood’ is a stand-up flipbook containing 47 emoticon mood images and a description on the other side. The box asks: “Why should everyone in the office have to guess your mood every day?” 169 more words

Mental Health