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Fucked up Human Emotions

some emotions are just cringy

landslides are norm in Nepal ~ its hilly, people are ignorant about afforestation as long as it provides a few pieces of paper called money, and water can take life as much as it can give one.

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Human Emotions


My path was scratchy, known for wounding.

And I reached the other end with no sign of harm.

Your feet beneath mine took all the bruises. 102 more words

Human Emotions

If We Take Life Too Seriously, Life Will Seriously Take Us - Book Excerpt

In the wake of the loss through depression of Robin Williams, here is an excerpt on mental health and mental ill-health from In Through A Coloured Lens… 771 more words

William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare was born in April 1564. Some people say he was born on 22nd April others opine 23rd April 1564. He died at the age of 52 years on 23rd April 1660 that means almost 400 years ago. 386 more words

Character Flaw

I am currently obsessed with character driven drama’s. I devoured Orange is the New Black and I’m currently watching the final season of The Killing. … 340 more words

Regular Daily Life

Casually confused

Yet another “inspirational” comic, what can you do.

How To Lead Your Life