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Rough morning

Another rain drizzled day

Another ordinary day.  My heart aches for what it is, and what it isn’t.  We wake up everyday with breath, we are so lucky to breathe.   279 more words


Are we born good?

A long time ago there were two Chinese philosophers who made opposite assertions on human nature. Mencius (372B.C.-289B.C.) believed human beings were born with good moral nature and that if we cultivated the nature well, we would be good grown-ups. 798 more words

Human Brain


Rush not
Stay still
Wait until
He reveals
I promise
With Him
Is quite easy
Take your time
Ponder for a while… 31 more words

Human Emotions

in his memories ~

I never knew things would go this bad. When I lost my love I was  ready to jump over the bridge. Now I have lost one of my two best friends who has been there for half my life. 360 more words

Human Emotions

Sweets, dessert, and dinner

I love sweets. The American sweet I love the most is apple pie. Once every two months or so when I think I have done a very good job, I allow myself to have apple pie. 900 more words

Human Brain

The Universal Experience

Like I mentioned in my schedule blog, I want Wednesday to be about books and my reactions to them. I read a lot – and I work in publishing so I’m always drowning in words. 1,026 more words


Dell's Emotion Reading Computer

Not so long ago, we saw Schwarzenegger’s battle against Skynet in a desperate attempt to save John Connor, resulting in perpetual movie plot paradoxes, as well as unnecessary sequels, but that’s beside the point. 228 more words