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Play or play not
May or may be not
Outlaw and outlandish
Sensible or gibberish
Shed the inhibitions
Tear into questions
Rewrite interpretations
Soak into the moment of,
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The Long Road

The last six months, through many different experiences in my personal life, I’ve been following a course of study that will (hopefully) end with me becoming a psychotherapist. 244 more words


Be the Gazelle

There is much to admire about the gazelle. She is a beautiful creature—delicate and graceful yet agile, fast and resilient. What makes her truly remarkable is her unique ability in response to a life-threatening situation to literally just shake it off. 531 more words


Human Faces Can Express at Least 21 Distinct Emotions

Leading scientific thinkers of their time, such as Aristotle, Rene Descartes, Guillaume Duchenne, and Charles Darwin, have long promoted the idea that there are a handful of basic emotions that people express. 774 more words

surrounded by kindness

It’s Froiday! And you know what that means…

I don’t know if this is just a phase, but the folks from my new work is really nice. 166 more words


How does a man measure his life

How does a man measure his life?
By the days he lived as a rogue
and travelled thus forth to explore
the world shrinking and expanding… 186 more words