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Competing Narratives in Ukraine

The conflict narratives prevailing in eastern Ukraine obscure the likely “ground truth” at the center of the conflict. Russia’s and Ukraine’s press releases and official commentary are political statements; statements that contain elements of truth bent towards justifying (or legitimizing) certain political actions. 607 more words

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Researching Contentious Politics and Mining Regimes

In a recent guest lecture that I gave at York University, I presented some very rough ideas about how we can think about resource exploitation and democratisation in Latin America and Southeast Asia. 591 more words

Resource Politics

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My new ideas for a book project to begin in 2016.

What is Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal energy is created when heated rocks on the bottom of the ocean split and release heat, which creates steam. This usually occurs on borders of tectonic plates. 26 more words

Geography: Sustainability

From foundation to year 10, ACARA aims to illustrate the same cross curricular priorities in a rage of different classroom and out-of-classroom settings. 

Foundation- Year 2 focuses on the idea of ‘Local and more distant places’
Year 3-4 investigating different places
Year 5-6 Managing and investigating places
Year 7-10 Curriculum focus: regional and global places in an environmental and human geography context (acara. 236 more words

Media and the "Nation": south Korea

How much do cultural icons reflect our “national values”? Actually, we should refer to them as “national ideals”, though this certainly isn’t the space to discuss the difference. 579 more words

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How do changes in technology and society result in changes in the way resources are used?

A resource is typically defined as something that can be used to meet the demands of humans, but overtime changes in technology and society can mean that what was once not a resource will then become one along with some resources changing in the way that they are used. 937 more words


Disenfranchising Minorities via Census: Burma (Myanmar)

In Burma (officially known as Myanmar), the government has begun the first census in three decades (according to the BBC). Of course, the document and census takers (presumably) are refusing to allow any individuals to classify themselves as Rohingya. 629 more words

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