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Hurricane Memories: BOB

The economy of nature, its checks and balances, its measurements of competing life-all this is its great marvel and has an ethnic of its own.  Live in nature, and you will soon see… that nature has its unexpected and unappreciated mercies. 

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Fracking to the Rescue

‘If the article is right and techniques such as fracking mean that “it’s time to forget about peak oil” then do you agree with the final assertion that this “can only be a good thing”? 462 more words

Human Geography

Geographic Smartness and Global Understanding

I love Geography because it can give us a sense of the world. Geography helps me navigate streets without a GPS; it helps me understand the environment and the world I live in; it gives me a keen understanding of the patterns and processes that shape human society; it helps me understand the spatial aspects of interactions between humans and the natural world; and it helps me understand the natural and human uniqueness or the character of a particular region. 2,342 more words


Peak Oil

What Is Peak Oil?

Peak Oil is the maximum rate that we can extract oil. It occurs when the flows of oil can no longer be expanded, so oil comes out of the ground at a slower rate. 300 more words

Human Geography

'Death to Jews' hamlet row in France

‘Death to Jews’ hamlet row in France http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-28764207

Z is trying something new today. Today’s post, geographic naming.

A hamlet in France is known in French as “Death to Jews” or Mort aux Juifs. 153 more words

Human Geography

Dictionary of Human Geography--new edition

The Dictionary of Human Geography has long been the gold standard for reference works in the field. The first edition was published in 1981 and was edited by Derek Gregory, Ron Johnston and David M. 267 more words

A Year in the Life of an Undergraduate Geography Student

Post by Alexandra Guy – about to start year 2 BA Geography

Before I visited the UCAS Higher Education Conference at Liverpool, I’d had my sights set on a university elsewhere. 657 more words