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CCT #2

Mr. Rojo says: Thank you for reading my AP Human Geography Student’s Blog. CCTs are student responses to creative and critical thinking questions that are located at the end of each chapter. 346 more words

The Tourism Map of Philippines

This blog post is not about the human geography of Italy again, but it is still about the human geography, so please enjoy it, thank you so much. 138 more words

Vietnam has gone through many historical events from Chinese, separation of North and South Vietnam, and the Vietnam war. The dominant religion is Buddhism because of it’s great influence by Chinese culture. 19 more words

Human Geography

Singapore's Tourism Map

Here is a Google Earth File that contains the pictures, history, culture, physical and tourism geography, and political and economic geography.

Click the picture below to download the google earth file(.kmz)
Human Geography

Thoughts from Lima (#5): Prof. John Sweeney Reports on the COP20 UN Climate Conference

The pattern of these UN Climate Conferences is similar almost every year.  Initial optimism gives way to deadlock. The clock is stopped and the conference is extended into Saturday when an agreement of sorts is produced under time pressure from departing delegates. 765 more words

Human Geography

The geographies of capitalism, a king of Geography, and the destruction of political dreams

“It would be difficult to deny the difficult days that the world is going through. One might say that the four horseman of the apocalypse have moved from a quiet trot to a full gallop and this increase in activity has been accompanied by the rise of Right-wing politics of various kinds which are clearly associated with a series of state and corporate ideologies and practices that must be denied any more room in the world and that, in time, must be rolled back.” (Nigel Thrift and Ash Amin, … 1,048 more words

My week as a lecturer #12... a recipe for Rocky Road

In a change to the usual schedule I’d like to share with you a recipe for a Great Geography Bake Off and some awesome rocky road. 248 more words