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Disenfranchising Minorities via Census: Burma (Myanmar)

In Burma (officially known as Myanmar), the government has begun the first census in three decades (according to the BBC). Of course, the document and census takers (presumably) are refusing to allow any individuals to classify themselves as Rohingya. 629 more words

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Food Values and Gender: mediated consumption, anxiety and potentiality - Podcast

Food Values and Gender: mediated consumption, anxiety and potentiality

Professor Peter Jackson participated in a roundtable discussion at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London on 13 March.  67 more words


The Climate Diet

There are SO MANY diets out there that claim to be good for your heart or liver or brains or blood or whatever that it can be hard to cut through the noise and find something that is not bullshit (if you buy into that kind of thing to begin with). 901 more words


How can we reduce the global inequalities of development?

There is still a large gap between richer countries and poorer countries in the world and these inequalities have increased over the past 30 years with richer countries becoming even richer and poorer countries suffering from the consequences of this and becoming even poorer. 680 more words


A "paper town" which for a time was real

An interesting story I saw on NPR’s webpage today about a fake town that for a time became real. And it was all based on a map design trick used to prevent copies of maps from being spread around without permission. 152 more words


Welcome to the TechNatures blog...

Technological Natures: Materialities, mobilities, politics

Research in the Technological Natures research cluster is developing new understandings of society, politics and publics through examining how nominally ‘natural’ processes and events come to be articulated through the matter and meaning of collective life. 543 more words

Human Features of Europe

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