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The White Lady Beckons

As you stroll along the streets of Dublin, enjoying the window displays during this holiday season, you might notice a reclining female figurine. Earlier this year, artist Kathryn Maguire worked with the young people of Sherriff Street to explore this particular Dublin phenomenon, and asked me to write a short piece about the Lady of the Rock and her psyche of place. 1,086 more words

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Boxing day tsunami: 10 years later

It is almost 10 years since an earthquake of magnitude 9.1 struck of the coast of Indonesia. The earthquake was one of the highest magnitude ever felt on earth and was the cause of a 20m high wave that traveled 3km inland which killed 275,000 people over 14 countries. 1,043 more words


CCT #2

Mr. Rojo says: Thank you for reading my AP Human Geography Student’s Blog. CCTs are student responses to creative and critical thinking questions that are located at the end of each chapter. 346 more words

The Tourism Map of Philippines

This blog post is not about the human geography of Italy again, but it is still about the human geography, so please enjoy it, thank you so much. 138 more words

Vietnam has gone through many historical events from Chinese, separation of North and South Vietnam, and the Vietnam war. The dominant religion is Buddhism because of it’s great influence by Chinese culture. 19 more words

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Singapore's Tourism Map

Here is a Google Earth File that contains the pictures, history, culture, physical and tourism geography, and political and economic geography.

Click the picture below to download the google earth file(.kmz)
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Thoughts from Lima (#5): Prof. John Sweeney Reports on the COP20 UN Climate Conference

The pattern of these UN Climate Conferences is similar almost every year.  Initial optimism gives way to deadlock. The clock is stopped and the conference is extended into Saturday when an agreement of sorts is produced under time pressure from departing delegates. 765 more words

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