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Stop South African Mine That Threatens Rhino Sanctuary - The Petition Site

“A proposed mine in South Africa poses serious risks to rhinos. It would not only give poachers easier access to the animals, but the mine’s toxic byproducts would threaten their health. 340 more words

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Deer at Coldwater Farm

Deer Birth Announcement

We have two new fawns! They were probably born Sunday night, July 27, 2014. Both appear normal and healthy.

Last year we regularly saw a doe in our fallowed cow pasture, and in July, she bore a fawn. 240 more words

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The King's Decree of 7-28-14, "Regarding the United States Navy and the destruction of Hawai'i's marine environment"

This letter (decree/edict) was written by Ali’i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr. Selected highlights are below (bolding is the King’s).

“…the U.S. government has no spiritual or ancestral ties to these islands, as myself and my people do, they have raped and pillaged these lands and our oceans with absolutely no regard for the effect such heinous actions will have on our future generations. 433 more words

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Protect tigers: Keep them out of American backyards

Remind President Obama that our government’s inaction to close loopholes on captive tigers leaves wild tigers–and people–vulnerable.

Source: support.worldwildlife.org

GR:  Today is International Tiger Day ( 34 more words

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Negatives of Neonicotinoids

Source:  Living With Insects Blog

“The use of neonicotinoid insecticides was widely adopted in the 1990s as one of the few effective pesticides against sweet potato whitefly and other sucking insects. 300 more words

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How Monsanto and biotech companies violate the Nuremberg Code

“The basic human rights protections established by the Nuremberg Code, which was adopted immediately after the end of World War II, continue to serve as a global template for how human beings are to be treated by the scientific community. 141 more words

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Algonquin Adventure: Invasion of the Chipmunks

I just recently returned from a short camping trip with my family in Algonquin Park. Despite the eminent bear warnings from the Rangers – who actually warned us not to stay at the lake we had planned to stay at because of the frequency and severity of the bears – the Park remains one of my favourite places. 721 more words

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