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The Human Impact on Social Media ROI

Social media marketing sounds like a great addition to your organization’s marketing and branding strategy. In my previous posts I’ve been advocating for it, but what proof is there? 818 more words


US Forest Harvest by Omani Company

Forest Harvest Does Not Benefit Wildlife

In a deal for the largest forest management project ever undertaken in the Southwest, the U.S. Forest Service has contracted with a wealthy, politically well-connected company based in the Sultanate of Oman.  358 more words

Nature Conservation

Reducing numbers of one carnivore species indirectly leads to extinction of others

Previous studies have shown that carnivores can have indirect positive effects on each other, which means that when one species is lost, others could soon follow. 543 more words

Escaping the roadsides

Aliens in the lowlands! Aliens slowly fighting their way up on the mountains, surviving competition and increasingly harsh conditions! Aliens looming in roadside edges, ready to invade the undisturbed mountain vegetation…  465 more words


Chinese orchids are in trouble, here's how to save them

Orchid species suffer thanks to their use in Traditional Medicine. Most conservation efforts don’t work but some scientists have an unconventional proposal.

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Nature Conservation

World's Forests Lost to Clearing and Road Expansion

Roads to Ruin

The world’s last surviving wildernesses are under assault–from unbridled road expansion.  That’s the key message of a press release today, distributed on the… 146 more words

Nature Conservation

Food Waste in America

Did you know the equivalent of $165 billion dollars worth of food each year is thrown out by Americans (NRDC)? Think about it. How often to you throw out a bruised apple, or let that salad go to waste in your fridge? 794 more words