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Save the Last Wolverines from Extinction

Rare and elusive wolverines are threatened by trapping and climate change. Help save these animals before the last 300 wolverines in the Lower 48 disappear forever. 38 more words

Human Impact

Buffalo's 2014 November Snowstorm

GR:  As extreme weather events become more common, they will become more extreme, guaranteeing more exciting weather news cycles than ever before.

“Earlier this week something rather interesting and disturbing happened to the Jet Stream. 247 more words

Human Impact

Blog post - unmarked

Repetition and mechanical reproduction have been topics that underpinned the previous blogs posted here. For the final post (for this course) I want to extend upon the topic of nature, which I started to get into in the last blog. 931 more words

Culture And Industry

BLM Issues Deadly Permit for Wolf Derby

Source: The Teton Valley News

“The BLM’s self-righteous propensity to play God over the native creatures of our public lands stretches far beyond the destruction of our wild horses and burros but all the way to the very predators that would naturally regulate the herds, IF they even needed to be regulated.  638 more words

Wild Horses/Mustangs

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R.T. is right. We need the wolves, we don't need hunters, and open-range grazing is obsolete. So, let's end ranching and return the land to wildlife.

NASA: October 2014 Tied For Hottest on Record

(October was again a global temperature record setter. Image source: NASA.)

NASA’s monthly global temperature analysis is in and the results are once again record-making. 848 more words

Climate Change

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At the same time we have developers wiping out habitat, we have the progress machine spewing out smoke and toxic waste. It's as if we humans have made a careful analysis and found every possible move we can make to damage our environment.

China's New Great Wall Threatens One Quarter of World's Shorebirds

GR:  Human disregard for other species is disgusting.

The following by Richard Conniff.

Every spring, tens of thousands of plump, russet-breasted shorebirds drop down onto the wetlands of China’s Bohai Bay, ravenous after traveling 3,000 miles from Australia. 165 more words

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