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I Have A Problem

So yesterday, I went into work with the attitude of, Ok, just start doing stuff.

I had a couple of items that I knew I needed to check on to make sure everything was in order or else it would be a slight problem, and then I just followed the day with doing things as they came up, as I stumbled across them, or as I was asked. 377 more words


मानव - मन

मानव – मन, कितना चंचल,
छन से पल में, पल से छन में,
कभी इस उपवन से उस उपवन,
कभी इस वन से उस वन,
करता है भ्रमण,
मानव – मन.
न प्यास मिटे, न भूख मिटे,
न साध्य सधे, न लक्ष्य मिले,
कसता जाता है, नित-प्रतिदिन,
प्रतिदिन – नित्य एक नया,
लोभ का बंधन,
मानव – मन.
गुरु की बगिया में, प्रेमिका की यादें,
प्रियेशी की बाँहो में, गुरु की तस्वीरें,
उलझता है, मचलता है,
भटकता है, यूँ हीं, लक्ष्यहीन
सारा जीवन, धुरंधर सिंह का,
मानव – मन.



Some people are sources of pure talent and just give it away for free.
That happens because it’s abundant (which is good) and takes no significant effort (which is also good) but is perceived as having little value (which is bad and may be wrong). 293 more words

Human Nature

Honest people DO EXIST!

    We live in a world of thugs. If you are not careful, you are most likely to be cheated by someone. Many say that good and honest people have almost become extinct.  349 more words


Knock Knock

How do I let it all unfold

Without my mind

The mechanism of control

Detaching from my soul

What will be of us

When the time comes… 22 more words



When you find yourself feeling insignificant in this world, and are tempted to choose to force the world to revolve around you and all your troubles…or give up – watch this. 992 more words


New (Old) Kid On The Block

So, I started my new job with my former employer on Monday.

Today was my second day.

And the receptionist went home sick.

And I was like… 484 more words