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One Easter morning, on the beach

Several years ago, when I was living four minutes from the beach, I thought it would be cool to go and watch the sun rise. Lots of churches have sun rise services outdoors and the congregation huddles on folding chairs and listens to a sermon and sings happy songs. 334 more words

Human Nature

An Obvious Blue

I conclude I must be wrong-

and have mis-known all along.

I have seen clearly, nearly

half a century. Loudly, I insisted

officials stop calling the forest blue. 120 more words


One reason there is evil in the world

“Why is there evil in the world?” is too big a question to answer here, but I am going to point out a little facet of human nature that I find operating in myself and I bet the same holds true for you. 375 more words

Human Nature

Semana Santa

A New Day dawned,

but a sadness remained.

Victory’s triumphant path

lay in tatters, strewn with

the bruisings of betrayal

and a coward’s weak will. 50 more words

We Specialize in Everything. We Specialize in Nothing.

Wow, here’s one for the book of dubious records. Polish, Turkish, southern Chinese, Americanized Chinese, Filipino, and Pennsylvania Dutch.  If you weren’t hungry before, you still aren’t now.  171 more words

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Child lets go of string
Cries as it soars overhead
Dad says, you set it free.

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #450/Balloons

Purple's Home


Everyone happy, everyone at peace
But what is the cost
Individualism? Free will?

Who really has free will today?
Who can live their lives happy? 170 more words