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How to handle stress and live a long time

A young friend of mine is experiencing ulcer symptoms. She makes little money, her old car is breaking down and she wants to go back to college. 361 more words

Human Nature

Of a Certain Nature

… gardening, and how not to do it.

Until recently my attitude to the garden has been of a minimalist approach; determine, sometimes intuit, location, plant a selection, water and feed – with little to no regard for the suitability of the earth it happens on and in. 235 more words


Life Is A Funny Funny Thing

The older we get, the older and more mature our children get. The more they want to separate from us the more we may want to hold on to them, yet let them spread their wings with independence we must. 349 more words


My Ashes of Dead Lovers Garage Sale, Vol I and II

Several years ago, I picked up one of those weekly newspapers that we generally run our cars over without a second thought. Well, being the reader that I am, I was reading it one day when the thought occurred to me: “This newspaper could use a humor column.” So I called the publisher and pitched my idea, then dropped the first column off at her office — remember, these were the Pre-Computer days. 1,063 more words

Be a crown not a trophy - Noble women of the 21st century

I have this goal to be a woman of the best kind. I will make sure that I will be ready to be a crown on the head of a man and not a trophy in his bed. 713 more words


Atheism or Theism: Which is Really Myopic?

So, while casting around once again for a topic to spur my to write more than 100 words of drivel (I can only claim this as more words, not less drivel), I found… 1,336 more words


Too naive to understand: The prince

Sitting outside, I look at the sky. It’s so blue today… And clear. I see a million stars in a glance. The effect of this on me is that of magic. 265 more words