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There but for the grace... pastors escaping the power-trip pitfalls

We could call them the ‘pastor’s power pitfalls.’ There are many. Too many. It’s actually scary how much power a pastor wields – for good… and ill. 413 more words


Overachieving but never really getting there

There have been tears in the past two days.. a little bit of shouting and a whole lot of self analysis. I’m truly very sorry if this gets a bit angsty or self depreciating. 710 more words

To Be Serious

How extreme isolation warps the mind

After only a few hours, the students became acutely restless. They started to crave stimulation, talking, singing or reciting poetry to themselves to break the monotony. 107 more words

Treasure Ant

And a little treasure they are, caretakers of the dead, diggers of the soil. Indispensable pieces in the great Earth machine.


It’s that time of season the only creatures around are ants, or so it seems. 245 more words



 We desire both to be respectable and to be respected. We dread both to be contemptible and to be contemned. But, upon coming into the world, we soon find that wisdom and virtue are by no means the sole objects neither of respect; nor vice and folly, of contempt. 936 more words

Human Nature


This is not going to be a Favourites post. I cut those out of my life because I find the whole editing process tiring and mundane. 1,408 more words

Song 31

On the fast lane,
in the age of planes,
he walks by and wanes.
Somebody has had an eye
to see, but missed him again. 31 more words