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Tell about the promiscuity of a male or female to family and close friends but don’t advertise it to everyone that you come into contact with. 463 more words

Common Sense

Halloween in the old days

When days are bright and the air is spicy, when red and gold leaves are falling like giant flaming snowflakes and crunching underfoot, when the year is dying all around you in a blaze of glory-what cruelty to be locked in a brick school building all day long and miss it all. 334 more words

Human Nature


(for Esperanza Spaulding)

Go. Escape little
black fly, out of doors,
over to the fishy
black garbage can
where your brethren feed.

I may try to kill you… 54 more words


How feeling trapped into acting forcefully brought me inner peace

From the studio of my radio show, Meaningful Connections (15 min):

This past week I hated the father of my kids for not collaborating with my plans to divorce him. 220 more words


Ignorance is not the key here!

The comments on this post i found on global news Web site and media pages are very disturbing…more negative input then positive or even understanding. As a person who has had to “swallow their pride” more then once and go on the government assistance or as some put it take “handouts”, I have always hated the ignorance that surrounds this topic. 378 more words


One Heartbeat Just To See Her

It’s been over two years now since I saw Smokey’s modern day group, Human Nature with my mom and aunt. It was such a blast! I did look it up and Human Nature is still performing so if you get a chance, check them out! 45 more words

Most Importantly - The Vinyl

Simply the best * Open Prompt *

NASA has just announced that the next Voyager spacecraft will carry the best of modern culture, so that they can be used to identify what it is that we thought defined our culture when it is (a) intercepted by alien life forms (b) crashes back into Earth after 200 odd yrs after its voyage (c) just for fun. 111 more words

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