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Everyone has a story (or How to be a hypocrite)

Everyone has a story, so the best thing for us to do is to not assume that we know anyone else’s, and to not say or do anything presumptuous based on our assumptions. 727 more words



Most of us at some point of our life must have thought that ‘we are different from others’. Are we? I don’t have the correct answer but at least I have enough reason to defend my thoughts. 103 more words


Evolutionary psychology: the confront of the bully.

From ebbits (click to enlarge).

The “results” of evolutionary psychologists (which has nothing to do with either actual evolution or actual psychology) are full of just-so stories referring to a Pleistocene era about which they know very little in order to justify their belief in the naturalness and immutability of the traditional Western and neo-liberal values they enshrine. 1,973 more words

Human Nature

Gender Essentialism and Naive Expectations

Recently, on Facebook, I saw two posts on different pages that expressed a typical feminist view of women, which I find woefully naive.

Namely, both pages put forth the idea that increased female involvement in two different types of situations would have brought about a totally different and better outcome. 370 more words



Before I went to live in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2008, I was already well-equipped to spin yarns about some particularly heady commutes.¬† Getting smushed into… 457 more words

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Why I'm not Christian

I may as well tell you. -shrugs-

I’m just not because it was shoved down my throat and I really don’t appreciate that. It majorly upsets me. 436 more words

Art Lab

 Dear followers,

I wanted to inform you that I started a ‘professional’ website to showcase my projects on. The website is called Art Junkie and you can visit it… 25 more words