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Pain and Sheer Inconvenience

I’d like you to be cautious of two things: number one; be aware that the thoughts expressed within this text are those that only take place at the hour of 3 a.m. 466 more words


You Can Be Motivated By Other Than Money?

This article by Anya Skarova, appeared first in The Conversation and was reprinted in Truthout. We can add it to the discussion of the uses of education in the United States. 853 more words

Modern World

Anything you think can and will be used against you

How are you? Good, I hope. I am trying a new thing and if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, I would be most grateful if you would share them with me. :)

Video 1: Human Beans Series

Human Nature

“According to Dr. Rivière, the central problem was that noxious gases emanate from a piling up of the female’s unspent “seed.” Like fuliginous tentacles with the worst of intentions, these fumes would then creep up from her midsection and into her nervous system, where they’d interfere with her ability to think clearly. 24 more words

Sea Maven

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Shifting Gears

There’s a building where an island was before. That sums up my new reality.  Change sucks.  My personality tends to on the lazy side. Lots of reasons or rationalizations.   1,036 more words