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The Influence of Hate

The Influence of Hate. By: Gary Hays

The road to insanity is paved with good intentions. Whether it is nobler in the minds of men to be consumed with a prolific and distorted view of reality, or a staunch and focused dyed in the wool unemotional pillar of society, is the timeless lingering question. 667 more words


September 19, 20-

Have checked library to see if new books are in. Query: Does it make sense to keep ordering books from library when I have not finished reading the 30 I already have checked out? 120 more words


The secret to Human Nature lies within the Ocean

My mind wanders.

Gazing out at the blue expanse of the ocean, all thoughts of reality evaporate.

Suddenly creation and I are one.  My chest… 246 more words

Human Nature

Your God-given resources!

How do you use or invest your resources? Your time, your money? Your mind and body? Etc. Resources includes your time, money, human effort, material tools, knowledge and skills, people relations, etc. 394 more words


Thoughts - The Cocktail

The cocktail

She sat everyday at the same spot
Writing feverishly for exactly the time it took
For one full thought to be born
One idea laid out like a bed sheet without creases… 579 more words


are you a manipulator? (daily hot! quote)

“Manipulators believe and act upon the premise that those they are unable to influence are continually trying to manipulate them. Those that don’t (manipulate), don’t care. 66 more words


Memento Mori

Death before modern times was a common thing, epidemics and disease destroyed entire cities and disseminated population by the thousands. Skulls, bones and dead bodies, arguably, were the commonest things people were exposed to during their lifetime. 419 more words