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Sorry Men *giggles* 53 more words



This was probably the first lesson I learnt about health and nutrition way back when I was a little tacker. My understanding didn’t really go much further than the doughnut I ate for afternoon tea becoming the palm of my hand, but as I have grown older I have begun to understand more and more about what this phrase really meant. 367 more words


Farewell Duluth I: The Answer to Everything

One day in late February 2012, Prof. Patrick Deneen of the Georgetown Government Department (now at Notre Dame) modestly told us students that he was going to give us the “answer to everything.” He proceeded to draw three circles on the chalkboard and explain human nature in the clearest manner I’ve ever seen. 1,869 more words

What do you want to do tonight? I know, let's do philosophy!

Words you will never hear: “What do you want to do tonight?” “I know, let’s do philosophy!” “Great, let’s invite the neighbors!”

I don’t blame people. 356 more words

Human Nature

7.27.14 - Working Harder is Smarter

This seems to be the year of hard work. Everyone has more going on than ever before; more projects, more goals, and more to do’s. From all this hard work comes the opportunity for more success. 370 more words


The 5 'W's of Customer Service

With the ever-changing methods of delivering customer service, it is imperative that we, as individuals, keep a never-changing grip on the Who, What, Where, When and Why in what we do and how we do it. 254 more words

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