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Human Nature

Human nature is not set in stone.


Easter ruminations and the four-day work week

Time. So elusive. So precious. We can measure time, but we can’t touch it. We can see it indirectly in the change from day to night, or the accumulation of wrinkles in the corner of one’s eyes. 830 more words

Manifiesto o ¿salida del closet?: Cómo científica social, en que creo y lo que no.

He tenido en los últimos meses varias conversaciones con mis estudiantes y colegas que me ha llevado a repensar en la necesidad de plantear y ser honesta en lo que creo, pero no sobre el mundo o mis posturas ideológicas, sino plantear mi visión epistemológica. 1,198 more words

Fun Requires No Explanation

I watched the short video clip below and admit I laughed out loud. Why is the young elk playing in the mud puddle? I bet some evolutionary-whatever could concoct a reason that fits the evolutionary paradigm, but I hope we would all tell him to just shut up, because we know why the young elk is splashing in the puddle-because it is fun. 124 more words

Human Nature


It is your right
To believe
I couldn’t take that from you,
Wouldn’t take it,
But your innocence
Was starting to fade
The longer we stayed there… 46 more words


Christian Pride? Arrogance in the Church

In the Old Testament, the Jews were the chosen by God to be the people through which the Messiah would come. And several times in the OT, their pride in this status got them in trouble. 644 more words

Culture Shock

Poor Nietzche

Friedrich Nietzche was a German philosopher and culture critic who died in 1900. He is probably best known for his statement that “God is dead” 449 more words

Human Nature