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Whimsical Observation of the Day: DMV Woes

So I spent about an hour yesterday at the local DMV. For all that the idea of the DMV might cause some to wince, it really wasn’t that bad at all. 202 more words



Out my window there is 

A rather frail tree with a heavy

Nest that rests on the very top branches,

It has small branch fingers that elegantly  275 more words

In Vain

If you were to describe the world that day in a word it would be ‘chaos’. Not that it was a special day by any means it was just another day…there was noise and smoke and movement and sweat…vehicles, people, animals..It was morning in the city so much so that you would imagine that the earth from outer space would look like this huge ball covered in smoke from the millions of cities that woken up that morning.. 215 more words


Why we hate lies (and why we should keep on hating lies)

We really hate it when people lie to us. Alarms about the latest lies coming out of Washington, D.C. take up a lot of Twitter space. 341 more words

Human Nature

Life & Worship: An Introduction

Every week, I attend a “worship” service. I sing songs that are led by a “worship team,” and refer to my handy “worship folder” for lyrics, prayers, etc. 479 more words

Divorce from Reality

I have never been a fan of reality TV, but when I met my (current) wife, 4+ years ago that started to change.

Beforehand, the closest I would ever venture towards reality TV was Entertainment Tonight or maybe even the local News, but not long after we got married, she got me interested in the Israeli version of The Amazing Race and after a few episodes I was completely hooked. 388 more words



i took my mother to see “heaven is for real” this last sunday. i was surprised that it touched me as i had expected it to be droll or calculated- which it actually was a little. 440 more words