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The Emergence of the Global Empire

We now live in a world that has become much, much smaller than in times before present day.  Technology has dramatically changed, and the social engineering bee’s have been at work using their sophist influences on the political systems around the world.  999 more words

On A Personal Note

Because Nice Matters

I love the phrase “because nice matters.”  I used to have it hanging on every wall of my classroom, and it’s how I aspire to live my life. 71 more words


Please Don't Challenge Me.......I'm Challenged Enough!

Okay…..here’s my rant of the day…..

What’s up with the Ice Bucket Challenge? I know it’s supposed to be for a good cause and all, but really, is it just another good cause gone awry (viral stupid)? 223 more words


A young man, a police officer and human nature...

Recent events in a suburb of St Louis have monopolized the news. A young black man was shot by a white police officer. That’s about all we know of the situation. 1,594 more words


Human un-nature

I’m human and myopic in both sight and boundaries, i.e., I’m not asking, “Why can’t we all just get along?”  It’s painfully obvious.  

The propaganda wars, no matter if it’s the 2nd world war or Israel/Gaza, have waged through gossip transmitted from village to village or (more recently) through electronic gossip known as the “news.” We can be swayed in whatever direction brings the most profit to the upper echelons  of a corporation entity.  494 more words


Exit Wounds: Song of an Ex-Worship Leader


In Deuces, I stated reasons I left the church I co-founded after 8 years. A big part of that was due to bad experiences in… 468 more words


The Miseducation of the Worship Leader [1/5]

I guess I thought worship was “magical.” A strong talisman to ward off evil spirits. Friends’ divorces. Death and disease. Organizational discord. As long as I lifted my hands and gave reverence and deference to God, everything was supposed to be okay. 668 more words

Human Nature