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Rant about Human Nature

We humans are so selfish, thinking the world revolves around us. Guess what? It doesn’t. You, me, the girl in the corner crying, the man who just won the lottery, the couple that just got married, the wife whose husband died of cancer, or the baby newly born into the world. 182 more words


Many Blessings

Sending wishes for peace and abundance throughout the world

on this Nationally celebrated American day of Thanksgiving

may many blessings always follow you


image: Eddie Two Hawks/Image Collection/Buddha Nature


Hold a Thought in Your Heart

Written for Poets United Midweek Motif~Gratitude
Compose a poem around the idea or experience of gratitude.

Important thought to keep
in your heart each day… 82 more words

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Meet The New Boss

Written for Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge – Day 26
For today’s prompt, write a same poem. I guess it could be the same old poem, but it could be a completely different poem that looks at a person or thing or system that is still the same. 84 more words

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Embrace Diversity

Individuality abounds in the world around. Embracing these independent abilities brings power to the human race. When WE as the human race learn the only way to the future is with general understanding and the ability to work together, WE will ascend to our true destiny.


"Astral City: A Spiritual Journey"

I’ve had requests for the title of the movie, “Astral City”, which I mentioned during a recent retreat/conference at which I attended and spoke.  It chronicles the experiences of Andre Luiz, after his death, and also parallels Echo Bodine’s Out-of-Body experience which she writes of in her book, “Echoes of the Soul”. 39 more words

Consciousness Shift


There is a spiritual aspect to Alzheimer’s that has rarely, if ever, been mentioned.  While it’s true that Alzheimer’s is a physical deterioration of the brain, there is an underlying spiritual aspect occurring, as well. 609 more words

Consciousness Shift