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When the pools of perception are clear, everything appears ‘as is.” ~Zen Proverb

We would all like to think that the waters of our perception are clear and that what we see and sense each day is actually what is there.

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Week 6: What is Art?

I seem to have a knack of ranting on in these blogs, so for this week I plan to keep it fairly short and sweet. 750 more words

99 red balloons

by Gordon Bonnet via Skeptophilia

In today’s episode of “Studies in Confirmation Bias,” we have a story in The Examiner claiming that someone captured… 355 more words


No, this study is not evidence for "life after death"

By Sharon Hill via James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)

Yesterday, a study was announced with a headline that didn’t fit the results. That’s very common. But what was strange was that a few proponents of the study seemed to hang their hats on the headline. 428 more words

Brain Works


“Do not fear failure. In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail.”

Has this quotation (by Bruce Lee) become a myth or is the world showing its blind eye to the much occult truth in its words? 755 more words


Week 2: Reading the Image

Now I already know what your thinking, “You can’t read an image, what are you on about?”
Well let me give you an example that most of us have already experienced at some point. 1,378 more words