Do You Really Need a Policy for That?

My husband calls them “blond moments” when he shows me a cartoon and I don’t get it.  I’m also a bit gullible when I read spoofs and satires. 699 more words


Human Resource Development Review Now Indexed in Thomson Reuters!

We’re pleased to announce that Human Resource Development Review is now indexed in Thomson Reuters’ Social Science Citation Index! The journal will receive its first impact factor when they are released next June. 268 more words


I graduated!

On Friday December 19th I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bacehlor’s of Science degree in Human Resource Development. It was such an incredible feeling, despite all the rain, and traffic, and utter chaos. 111 more words


Human resources visits Midlands Region

The Human Resources Department recently held a one-day workshop on HR policies for the Midlands Region. Two sessions were held in Bloemfontein and Rustenburg for all staff members. 88 more words


Guru Shishya Parampara

The Education System in our country was based on Guru-Shishya Parampara (tradition). Each individual who was educated in this tradition was able to think for himself/herself. 240 more words