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Murder on the Mediterranean

European countries along the Mediterranean have seen an influx of immigrants in recent years due to the ongoing conflicts and Africa and the Middle East. This year is one of the biggest surges yet. 342 more words

Human Rights

Caitanya Caritamrta

Madhya Lila

TEXT 136
sac-cid-änanda-tanu, vrajendra-nandana

sat-cit-änanda-tanu—Kåñëa’s body is transcendental, full of knowledge, bliss and eternity; vrajendra-nandana—the son of Mahäräja Nanda; sarva-aiçvarya—all opulences; sarva-çakti—all potencies; sarva-rasa-pürëa—the reservoir of all transcendental mellows. 1,509 more words

Hare Krishna

Healing & Human Rights Blog Will Move to CVT’s Web Site

We have a quick announcement. Healing & Human Rights will soon move to our Web site. In the coming days, please visit www.cvt.org for future posts and updates on our work. 18 more words

Human Rights

The Charter of the Forest and Me

the magic of the trees

My childhood belongs in the Thirties and Forties in an outer suburb of Sydney: Yowie Bay, Miranda in the Sutherland Shire. 3,208 more words


16 September ― 9 ‘Izzat

Endeavor ye as much as possible that differences may not arise in the affairs; let not every insignificant matter become the cause of disagreement. If such conditions exist the end will be complete dispersion. 790 more words

Bahá'í Calligraphy

Child Interrupted

One of the daily reports from Human Rights Watch really caught my eye today regarding children with special needs. I know I’ve been missing in action, primarily due to too much going on in the evenings and too many meetings during the day. 506 more words

Human Rights

Big Trouble in Hong Kong | By Scott Harold SEPTEMBER 8, 2014

When China announced last week that it would not permit open nominations for the post of Hong Kong chief executive in 2017, it marked a turning point in one of the most serious crises to affect the city since it was handed over by the United Kingdom in 1997 with a promise that it could retain its own way of life for 50 years. 272 more words