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Black History | Slave Life Pictures

Built in the 1830s, Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana was home to over one hundred house and field slaves (photographed 2001). Photo Credit: Philip Gould/CORBIS

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Stockholm is wonderful in winter

So now I know that the difference between the Israeli Post-Zionist Nationalist camp and the Nationalist camp who still calls itself Zionist is who recycles more bottles and how much money they received in return. 668 more words


Equality is a universal human right. Unless you're European or American, in which case you're far more entitled to it...

A few weeks ago Paris was attacked by terrorist(s), and 17 died. The (western) world was horrified: Europe’s capital cities saw millions taking to the street protesting the attacks, and sympathizing with Charlie Hebdo – the targeted newspaper who had offended the attackers with religious mockery. 740 more words


Canada not doing enough to protect environment: activists

Kaitlyn Mitchell, a staff lawyer for Ecojustice Canada, thinks it’s time the federal government enshrines the right to a healthy environment.

“We should have air and water that is safe and doesn’t pose serious risks to our health,” she says. 565 more words


What if humans were flourishing and human rights were the norm?

Too often, human beings are treated unjustly, marginalized, oppressed, abused, and targeted for criminal acts. Human Rights Society is a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for human rights for all because we all have universal and intrinsic value equally. 84 more words

Human Trafficking

Jeff Roorda: STL police officers will quit the depart if the city creates a civilian oversight board

Jeff Roorda, a police union official, said on Thursday that St. Louis police officers will quit the department or do only the bare minimum on patrol if the city creates the kind of civilian oversight board currently being proposed. 109 more words

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