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Greens Sen. Hanson-Young: Australia Must Asses Sri Lankan Asylum Claims Before Any Other Country

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, spokes person for the Greens on immigration, has stated that it is Important that the 157 Sir Lankan asylum seekers understand that they have right and that there are people in Australia who care about them and their welfare. 165 more words

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The Children Of #Gaza - Jon Snow (#Israel #MiddleEast #UK)

Please watch this moving statement by Jon Snow of Channel 4 News. Thank you.

Feel free to leave your comments below. Comments have to be approved – but we don’t censor alternative opinions and information – we just don’t like spam. 69 more words

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Israeli soldier's question: “Why the world hate Israel?” (#Gaza #Israel #MiddleEast #IDF)

This report is by Paul Mason at Channel 4 News.

Gaza conflict: an Israeli soldier’s question

“Why the world hate Israel?” the soldier whispered. 1,134 more words

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#Israel is not my birthright (#Gaza #MiddleEast #USA)

By Shira Lipkin via Salon,

I’m writing this in my new baby niece’s room. I am here in Florida visiting my family because of this niece, this tiny pudgy innocent baby.

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The Killing of Palestinian Children

The crazy and bloody siege of Gaza has been going on for days now. During the last week I didn’t really know if I could write about it. 937 more words

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Religious extremists and bigots have no place in humanity (#religion #gaza #politics #israel #uk)

Nearly every major conflict in the world at the moment has some kind of ‘religious’ element to it. But the ‘religion’ used as an excuse for power and control is not religion taught to millions of people of different faiths. 2,691 more words

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