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Obama Administration Plans More Guantanamo Releases

Obama Has Vowed to Close Prison; GOP Opposition Could Slow Pace of Releases

By Julian E. Barnes The Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON—The Pentagon is preparing to transfer additional detainees from the U.S. 581 more words

What the Fake Syria Sniper Boy Video Tell Us About Media Experts

ByMaram Susli | New Eastern Outlook | November 27, 2014

Many mainstream media websites helped a fake video go viral this month. The video showing a young Syrian boy running through sniper fire to save a little girl, was exposed as a fake when the Norwegian producer Lars Klevberg made the fact public.

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Extremists Terrorizing Derna Residents

Summary Executions, Public Floggings, No Rule of Law

An armed motorcade belonging to members of Derna’s Islamic Youth Shura Council that pledged allegiance to ISIS, drive along a road in eastern Libya on October 3, 2014. 2,651 more words


HRW on the junta’s repression

Human Rights Watch has issued a statement on the repression being used by the military dictatorships in Thailand. PPT reproduces snips from the statement:

Thailand’s military government is severely repressing fundamental rights and freedoms six months after its May 22, 2014 coup. 636 more words

ISIS puts bull's-eye on other Muslims

F. Michael Maloof,  WND

Shiite Iran appears to be the ultimate target of the ISIS effort to create a Sunni caliphate, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin 361 more words


Operation Likofi: Police Killings and Enforced Disappearances in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

(17/11/2014). The 57-page report details how uniformed police, often wearing masks, dragged kuluna, or suspected gang members, from their homes at night and executed them. The police shot and killed the unarmed young men and boys outside their homes, in the open markets where they slept or worked, and in nearby fields or empty lots. 23 more words

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Rights in Retreat: Abuses in Crimea

(17/11/2014). Human rights protections in Crimea have been severely curtailed since Russia began its occupation of the peninsula in February 2014. In the past eight months, the de facto authorities in Crimea have limited free expression, restricted peaceful assembly, and intimidated and harassed those who have opposed Russia’s actions in Crimea. 134 more words

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